Amazon apologizes for accidentally denying that the driver needs to urinate in a bottle

Amazon delivery vehicle in Miami

Amazon initially denied that workers sometimes had to urinate in bottles, but evidence of that practice later became apparent.

Amazon has apologized to US politicians for falsely denying that drivers are forced to urinate in plastic bottles.

Wisconsin Democrat Mark Pokan said in a tweet that Amazon “workers urinate in a water bottle.”

The official Amazon Twitter account then replied, “If that’s true, no one would work for us.”

The company is now apologizing after it became clear that the driver had to urinate in a bottle.

“We have an obligation to apologize to Congressman Pokan,” Amazon said in a statement.

“The tweet was incorrect. It didn’t anticipate our large number of drivers and instead misfocused only on our fulfillment center.”

In addition, all fulfillment centers have dozens of toilets that employees can use “at any time.”

LA protests in favor of Alabama unionization

LA protesters have expressed support for Amazon workers in Alabama

Pokan has criticized Amazon for opposition to workers’ efforts to consolidate Alabama’s major facilities.

“Paying workers $ 15 an hour doesn’t make you a’progressive workplace’when you go bankrupt and force workers to urinate in a water bottle,” he wrote last week.

Shortly thereafter, Amazon’s official account replied, “Don’t you really believe in peeing in a bottle? If that’s true, no one will work for us.”

Later, several media outlets quoted many Amazon employees who confirmed that they had little choice but to urinate in a plastic bottle at work. They also described relentless labor practices at both fulfillment centers and delivery drivers.

Intercept also said it had obtained internal documents suggesting that Amazon executives were aware that this was happening.

Amazon’s withdrawal said, “We know that drivers can have trouble finding toilets due to traffic and rural routes, and there is a real problem. This is especially true for many public toilets. This is true for Covids that have been

The problem was “a long-standing industry-wide problem” and he said he wanted to solve it.

Pokan refused to apologize on Saturday and tweeted: “Sigh. This is not about me. This is about your workers. You are not treated with sufficient respect and dignity. First, the improper created for all workers. Admit working conditions, modify them for everyone, and finally unite them without interference. “

Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama voted in a historic poll last week to decide whether to be represented by a coalition of retail, wholesale and department stores. This effort is strongly opposed by Amazon.

Results are not expected until next week. If they vote in favor, it will be Amazon’s first US union.

Amazon has successfully repelled union efforts elsewhere in the United States. However, most of the facilities in Europe are integrated.

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