Amazon City shuts down after being attacked over the death of a trafficker

Rio de Janeiro — Brazil’s largest city in the Amazon has closed schools and public transport on Monday in a wave of vandalism and violence after the death of a alleged leader of a drug trafficking organization in a gun battle with police. Ordered to stop.

Dozens of buses, public buildings, banks and private cars in Manaus have been targeted by drug traffickers in retaliation for the killings, according to the Amazonas government. Twenty-one vehicles were burned and Governor Wilson Lima requested the deployment of National Guard on Sunday.

Violence also hampered vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus. In 2020, a more contagious variant of the virus emerged, Manaus officials shut down the vaccine site for fear of attack. They expressed hope that the shooting would resume on Tuesday.

Buses gradually resumed at noon, but officials said they would stop again at night.

Amazonas Commissioner of Security Luimer Bonates said a prison attack was ordered following the death of Eric Batista Costa, a trafficking suspect known as “Dadinho.” He was killed by police on Saturday night during an operation in the Redensao district west of Manaus, according to local officials.

According to images on television, assailants threw gasoline bombs at bus stops and banks and burned tires during the day on Sunday. The owner closed the store for fear of an attack.

A criminal was shot dead at the entrance to a police station near the port of Manaus on a speedboat, the O Globo newspaper reported. One attacker disembarked and threw a grenade, but did not explode.

There were no reports of injuries.

According to the Amazonas State Security Secretariat, 29 people suspected of having attacked so far have been arrested. Twenty-seven of them were directly involved in the violence and two were involved in the planning of the attack, the Secretariat said.

Manaus residents interviewed by O Globo feel hostaged in their homes and are afraid to go out for threats from criminal groups allegedly involved in the assault on social media threats. He said he was.

“We have significantly enhanced patrols,” said Security Secretary Patrol. “People are free to leave their homes and move around freely. Police are on the streets to ensure safety,” he added, adding that police have set up checkpoints throughout Manaus and the state.

The attacks centered around Manaus, but also in the municipalities of Parintins and Carreiro Castagno.

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