Amazon employees plan a global Black Friday protest and release a set of company requests

Amazon employees around the world strike the company on Black Friday, November 26, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, especially to demand fair pairs from workers. ..

Make Amazon Pay, a coalition representing more than 200 million workers and activists around the world, organized Friday’s protests, imposing employees on both the company and governments in countries operating around the world. Announced a series of requests.

Strikes will take place in factories, warehouses and external corporate offices around the world, including sites in California, Germany, Ireland, France and Spain.

of statement, The coalition said that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is “the wealthiest person in the world.” Bloomberg Millionaire Index He is currently second only to Tesla’s Elon Musk. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, the tech giant became a “trillion dollar company.” .. “

The coalition also made an exception to Amazon’s ever-expanding carbon dioxide emissions. That’s now more than two-thirds of the world’s nation, but the company’s growing distribution and cloud computing business is further driving climate change.

“As with all big companies, Amazon’s success wouldn’t be possible without the public institutions that citizens have built together for generations,” the coalition said. “But companies are starving their tax revenues through global tax avoidance efforts instead of giving back to the society that helped them grow. In 2019, Amazon will pay only 1.2% tax in the United States, where it is headquartered. I paid. This is an increase from 0% in the previous year. “

Amazon is January 2020 blog postStates that it had more than $ 1 billion in “Federal Tax Income Expenses” in 2019, paying $ 2.4 billion for other federal taxes, including employment taxes, and $ 1.6 billion for state and local taxes.

Amazon Pay raises wages as companies grow in wealth, extends paid sick leave, ends all forms of temporary employment and self-employment or contractor status, and provides unions with access to Amazon. We have published a list of 25 requests on our website. The workplace promises zero emissions by 2030 and “ends tax abuse and provides full tax transparency through profit shifts, loopholes and the use of tax shelters.” Pay the full tax by.

The coalition also called for an immediate reinstatement of all workers dismissed from the company to discuss health and safety issues with Amazon workers and their customers. Engaged in efforts to organize fellow workers. Or due to the selective implementation of internal policies. “

“Amazon isn’t the only one participating in these bad practices, but it’s at the heart of a failed system that causes inequality, climate change, and the collapse of democracy that hurt our time,” the coalition said. I am writing. “The pandemic has revealed how Amazon prioritizes profits over workers, society, and our planet. Amazon takes too much and returns too little. It’s time to make Amazon Pay. I did. “

The Epoch Times is seeking comments from an Amazon spokesperson.

The planned strike will take place shortly after Bezos reveals that a Chicago-based nonprofit has donated $ 100 million to the Obama Foundation, the largest private donation ever received.

As part of the gift, Bezos asked to name the Obama Presidential Center Square John Lewis Plaza. Lewis, a symbol of civil rights, died on July 17, at the age of 80, after being diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer in December 2019.

“The Freedom Fighter deserves a special place in the hero’s Pantheon, and I’m a great American leader, who deserves this gift more than John Lewis, who has extraordinary dignity and courage. I can’t think of it, “Bezos said. “I am excited to help President Obama and his Foundation fulfill their mission to train and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.”

Meanwhile, Amazon drivers have been withheld nearly $ 60 million for hints allegedly withdrawn by drivers in the two and a half years after reaching a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) earlier this month. I will receive a hint. 2016 and 2019.

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