Amazon fined 746 million euros by the European Union for violating privacy laws




Amazon was fined 746 million euros (approximately 5.72 billion yuan) by the relevant Luxembourg unit CNPD for violating the EU’s strict GDPR privacy laws. But Amazon said the decision was “unfounded” and will seek an appeal.Amazon to Bloomberg Said that there was no privacy breach, and no customer data was exposed to any third party. These are “undisputed facts,” and the company strongly disagrees with CNPD’s penalties. Amazon’s European headquarters is located in Luxembourg, so it is supervised by the Luxembourg authorities.

The origin of this case goes all the way back to 2018, when French privacy promotion group La Quadature du Net initiated a lawsuit against many technology companies in one go, including Google’s fine of 57 million euros by the French CNIL. At the time, Google was punished because the user data licensing policy lacked transparency and was not “easy to understand”.

This is not the only regulatory challenge Amazon faces in the EU-the EU is alsoAntitrust investigation into AmazonAfter a full year of investigation, it was initially determined that Amazon’s use of third-party seller data to promote the sale of its own products has violated the relevant competition regulations. Not only that, the EU has also launched a new round of antitrust investigations to find out whether Amazon has prioritized its own products before other third-party seller partners.