Amazon Kindle ushered in a new interface, easier to operate


Kindle new UI


AmazonAnnounced that it will bring interface updates to the Kindle, Paperwhite and Oasis three e-book devices, providing a simpler and more convenient operating experience. Applicable models include the eighth-generation Kindle, the seventh-generation Paperwhite and the full line of Oasis.

The new interface design adds a drop-down quick setting. Pulling down from the top, there will be switches for display brightness, flight mode, Bluetooth, synchronization and other functions. You can also enter the setting page; a new navigation bar is also added at the bottom. The three modes switch between homepage, library and reading, in simple terms, are on par with ordinary smartphones.

In addition, Amazon also announced that it will have an “improved homepage and library experience” later this year, including new filtering options and sorting lists, new collection viewing and interactive scroll bars. There will be a “reading” section on the main page, showing up to 20 items.

That is to say, Amazon has already started to update the Kindle system at the beginning of this year. For example, for the ad-free version, you can choose the book cover as the lock screen to increase the download speed. Today is to continue to enhance the experience of using Kindle as an e-book, so that they can remain attractive under more and more opponents.