Amazon says it’s looking to hire 55,000 people

New York — Amazon has another recruiting activity.

The company plans to employ 55,000 people worldwide on Wednesday, of which about 40,000 are playing a role in the United States.

Amazon said all open roles are for technical positions and corporate positions. Separately, the company employs thousands of warehouse workers to pack and ship online orders.

Amazon’s workforce surged as more people stayed home and ordered toilet paper and groceries from shopping sites, while other companies fired workers during the pandemic. Last year alone, we hired 500,000 people.

Amazon currently employs more than 1.3 million people worldwide and is the second largest US private employer after retail rival Wal-Mart, with increasing employment. The company said Wednesday it plans to hire 20,000 people in its Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club warehouses to process online orders to drive lifts.

Like Wal-Mart before that, Amazon continues to face pressure on how to treat workers. The union push at the Amazon warehouse in Alabama failed earlier this year, but other unions and supporters are still looking at the company. Team Stars, one of the country’s largest unions, said in June that it would step up efforts to union Amazon workers, the company exploited by paying low wages to its employees, getting them to work fast and hiring them. He said he would not provide any guarantees.

Amazon said Wednesday that a number of jobs were due to growing businesses, such as projects to send cloud computing units and satellites into space and direct Internet services to Earth.

The Seattle-based company said its open work in the United States has spread to 220 Amazon locations across the country.

Associated Press