Amazon UK Hires 20,000 Temporary Workers During Christmas Season

London — Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will begin recruiting 20,000 seasonal positions across the UK to cover upcoming peak trading hours, including Christmas, and participate in the fight for temporary workers in the tough labor market. ..

The group, which has 55,000 full-time employees in the UK, said temporary work will be done in a network of fulfillment centers, sorting centers and delivery stations.

Amazon UK said investment role payments start at a minimum of $ 13.68 per hour and rise to $ 15.32 per hour in some parts of the country. This is a rate in line with the salary increase given to full-time employees in June.

The group is also looking for someone to deliver parcels for $ 17.59 to $ 20.29 per hour in their spare time.

UK warehouses recruit staff on Monday after Reuters threatened that a chronic shortage of workers would exacerbate pressure on supply chains that were already buckled and upset execution until Black Friday and Christmas He reported that he had to pay up to 30% more for this.

Labor shortages in the UK’s logistics network have left fuel pumps dry across major cities due to rising natural gas prices in Europe and a shortage of truck drivers after Brexit and COVID-19. In addition it occurs.

Amazon UK hasn’t experienced any delays in delivery to its customers, a person familiar with the situation told Reuters.