Ambitious YouTuber said he borrowed $ 14,000 to drive 1,600 miles and persuade idol MrBeast to shoot with him.

Screenshots of Matthew Beem and MrBeast in the car

Beem’s MrBeast video has been played 4.5 million times now.Matthew Beam via YouTube.

  • Matthew Beem is a 25-year-old YouTuber with 1.8 million YouTube subscribers.

  • Beem said he tried to “surprise” the popular YouTuber MrBeast with a video before gaining fame.

  • Beem shared how he drove to MrBeast’s hometown and persuaded him to film the collaboration.

Colorado-based Matthew Beem YouTuber With 1.8 million subscribers, he said he once took a “big risk” by borrowing thousands of dollars for a potential video collaboration with YouTube star MrBeast.

Beem is usually building Large scale object. He took 1,600 miles to MrBeast’s hometown, hoping that the gesture would convince YouTube superstars to shoot a video with him when there were still less than 20,000 subscribers last year. He said he drove.

His real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and MrBeast currently has 97 million YouTube subscribers. Most seen When Maximum amount Creator on the platform. Beam said insider Donaldson was his “greatest inspiration” at the time.

To get Donaldson’s attention, Beam told insiders that he borrowed $ 14,000 from his family to buy a smart car and painted it to celebrate the launch of YouTuber’s new burger chain, MrBeast Burger. (The insider was unable to independently verify the loan using Beam’s financial records.)

Beam said he had previously suggested a video idea to one of Donaldson’s producers, but the producer was rejected because he said Donaldson was too busy to shoot the collaboration at the time. rice field.

Matthew Beam in front of the car.

A beam standing in front of a custom car.Matthew Beam via YouTube.

“I bought a smart car without asking them, because I thought it was much easier to say no to an idea than the great things that have already been done,” Beam told insiders. ..

YouTuber said he had driven 1,600 miles from Colorado to North Carolina and knew that Donaldson was based, so he persuaded the team to shoot a video together.

“I knew he lived in that state, but I didn’t know where he lived. I really took a picture of a professional car and sent a message to the producer along the way,” We’re eight hours away. I am. ” I love giving this car to MrBeast. And 20 minutes later, I got a call, and it was like one of MrBeast’s assistants and told me he loved the idea.

Later, Beam met Donaldson, drove to shoot a video, and felt to insiders that it would be the “biggest day” of his career, and at first he was “feared” about what would happen. Told.

“I felt pressure on what that meant for my channel,” he added.

July 27, 2021, Beem video, The title is “Surprised MrBeast with a custom car!” Currently, it has 4.5 million views. He told insiders that he had earned about 75 views per video before meeting Donaldson, but a few months after posting the collaboration, other related to his channels and customs. Some videos “get some traction” car When project..

Photographed pair Several video Beam has described Donaldson as a “great friend” together since the first meeting, “I learned a lot from him. It’s really great that he’s always sharing information, chatting and having fun.” Said.

He told insiders that he would occasionally send text to Donaldson to seek advice on the video he was working on, and Donaldson also beamed his opinion on potential video thumbnails in the past. I asked.

“It’s just unrealistic because he and I can have that relationship with all the other great people I’ve met,” Beam said.

The representative of Donaldson did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

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