American Airlines is opening a 600-room luxury hotel in Dallas, but it’s not open to the public. See inside Skyview 6.

Courtyard image of Sky View 6.

Conceptual image of the courtyard.american airlines

  • American Airlines will open a luxury employee-only hotel at its Dallas/Forthworth headquarters.

  • Scheduled to open in early 2023, staff will stay at the hotel for training and business meetings.

  • “Small City” has spaces such as dining rooms, basketball courts, and a 73,000 square foot gym.

American Airlines plans to open a luxury hotel at its Dallas/Fort Worth headquarters next year, but it won’t be open to the public.

On Wednesday, American Airlines sent a memo to staff outlining details about a brand-new employee-only Skyview 6 hotel opening in early 2023. According to the Dallas Morning News.

Employees of American and its wholly-owned regional airlines, including flight attendants, airport agents and training-bound pilots, will be able to stay in 600 dedicated accommodations. American Airlines said other staff will also be able to access the hotel for business meetings and other purposes.

A conceptual image of a hotel room with Skyview 6.

A conceptual image of a room.american airlines

“We hope to simplify the visiting experience for our team members by building a state-of-the-art hospitality complex in the heart of our campus,” the airline said Thursday in a memo shared with an insider. A place where members can stay, eat, socialize, and exercise.”

Skyview 6 is one of several buildings on American Airlines’ headquarters campus and is named after former company CEO Robert L. Crandall. According to Dallas local news outlet WFAA,.

Aerial view of American headquarters.

Aerial view of American headquarters.american airlines

American confirmed to Insider that the hotel will be connected to Skyview 5, the company’s training and conference center.

According to the memo, the hotel has many facilities to enjoy, such as art installations, a lounge area for studying, and a “tavern” for socializing.

Guest floors of American's new Skyview 6 Hotel.

An image of setting up a study lounge on each guest floor of Sky View 6.american airlines

A large 73,000 square foot fitness center with courtyard, exercise pool, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts are also available.

Courtyard image of Sky View 6.

Conceptual image of the courtyard.american airlines

The hotel has a large dining room where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, so employees will never go hungry while on campus.

A 10,000-square-foot ballroom will also be available for large events and annual conferences like CEO Robert Isom’s State of the Airline, American said.

A conceptual image of the Skyview 6 ballroom.

Ballroom concept image.american airlines

“It’s like a small town,” Jonathan Pearce, former director of workspace culture and experience at American Airlines and now the company’s global talent director, told WFAA in 2019.

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