American Airlines passengers filed a complaint on page 19 after the airline rebooked a family return ticket from another country, the report said.


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  • One passenger said American Airlines had rebooked a family return ticket from another country.

  • Sam Tausig intended to return from St. Lucia, but was boarded from St. Lucia.

  • He eventually found a plane from Barbados and hired a private plane to get there from St. Vincent.

American Airlines passengers said the airline changed family flights back to the United States in order to depart from a completely different country in the Caribbean.

Denver 7 first reported the news.

Sam Tausig told broadcasters on July 4th that he was checking seat allocations in the airline’s app when he noticed that the flight had changed from what he had booked in January.

“We noticed that we were flying from another country,” Tausig said.

“We were flying from St. Lucia to St. Lucia, but I thought it was really weird. It must have been a mistake. The customer service agent said,” Yes, I’m sorry. You’re overbooking. Situation. Depending on the flight, I moved the flight from St. Lucia to St. Lucia. St. Lucia is about 100 miles away due to the crows flying and the five islands to the north. It’s acceptable’. “

He told Denver 7 that Tausig eventually rebooked his return flight from Barbados and hired a private plane to take his family from St. Vincent. He stated that he had filed a 19-page complaint with the airline.

“They will charge us an exorbitant change and reissue fee, and a total of about $ 30,000 in installment fees to bring us home a week later,” Tausig told the broadcaster. Told.

American Airlines did not immediately respond to insider’s request for comment, but representatives said Denver 7 had notified Tausig of the change in April. If the flight is overbooked, the customer can request a full refund or change the itinerary, a spokeswoman added.

The aviation industry has had difficulty traveling for months after the reoccurrence of the pandemic, coupled with staffing issues. Flight cancellationTravel confusion, and Chaotic scene At the airport.

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