American Airlines pilots say it’s “very embarrassing” to get passengers off the plane after boarding, and he says “I absolutely hate”


An American Airlines plane approaches the runway at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) in Arlington, Virginia, on April 2, 2022.

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  • AA pilots say they are being told to board passengers when they are about to run out of time.

  • He told the insider: “We absolutely hate doing this to passengers, but our hands are tied.”

  • This policy means that covering the trip has become “like a game of whac-a-mole,” the pilot said.

The turmoil at the airport this summer is gone Thousands When Their flight has been cancelled When Their luggage was lost.. In some cases Passengers had to get off the plane After boarding just a few minutes ago.

An American Airlines pilot who has worked for the airline for 23 years told insiders that he had never seen anything like this before.

The captain wanted to remain anonymous, but insiders confirmed that he was working at AA.

He said they were still told to board, despite the pilot’s efforts to tell the scheduler when they were about to run out of working hours for the day. “They are trying to pressure us to extend a very long working day by telling us’I’m sure it will work …’, so we boarded Time out and drop passengers off the plane. “

“Sadly, 20 minutes before being pushed back from the gate, I was pulled away to cover another trip that had just left the plane full of people sitting in the left seat and waiting for the next captain to appear. “He said. “It’s very embarrassing and I absolutely hate it.”

“I’ve been in AA for 23 years and haven’t seen anything like this before … we absolutely hate doing this for passengers, but our hands are tied up It is approaching a timeout. “

An American Airlines spokesperson said that pilots’ mission hours are regulated by the FAA and their schedule is “safely rooted” while being extended only “when the pilot decides to do so at his discretion”. Said that.

This will come later AA passenger Sheila Gray told insiders that she had to get off the plane She had just boarded five hours late because the pilot ran out of flight time.

The AA pilot told insiders in an email, “as most of us do with the products we offer,” and “our passengers are more worthy.”

He added that pilots from other airlines, including Delta, United, Spirit and JetBlue, feel the same. “Are you wondering why we time out? Covering a trip here is like a game of moles …”

“Perfect scheduling program … until glitches occur”

The number of American Airlines planes docked at the airport.

American Airlines pilots say passengers are “better worth” than being asked to leave the plane after boarding.Robert Alexander / Getty Images

The captain told insiders that pilots have been unhappy for years since the purchase of a new scheduling system as part of a drive to improve crew productivity.

“It’s okay until you have problems with maintenance, weather, traffic, etc. Then it will time out … I’ll call you tired,” he said. In most cases, “The company pressures us to extend our duty days to complete our sequence. My days are already long and mentally burdensome, so I Most of us refuse, including. “

He added that pilots often take flakes after events such as detours and emergencies.

“The airline went to Congress, complained, and extended all our working days and maximum flight times” in the name of safety. ” With these changes made, I’ve never worked so hard throughout my career. “

Now he thinks it’s a good trip if he can make it in time to have a midnight snack before he has to report his work early the next morning.

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