American attachment to guns is rooted in slavery

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As the two pandemics in the United States converge, bodies are piled up throughout the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. “The spread of gun violence“And that I can’t respond effectively,Since then Multiple shootingsUnfortunately, it’s rooted in another pandemic that hit the United States. Anti-blackness With that feeling African Americans are a dangerous threat It can only be nullified or thwarted by armed white citizens.

For too long, the second amendment has been drawn with the aura of the founding father, wrapped in stars and stripes.

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But as the story goes, the “well-controlled militia” was not about how brave and effective the militia repelled Britain. George Washington Tired of their lack of fighting ability and how men cut off and escape from the fight against the professional military. Also, the militia was unreliable as a force to support the law. In the Shays’ Rebellion, a group of armed white men belonging to the state militia attacked the Massachusetts government for foreclosure and debt foreclosure, demonstrating how unreliable the militia was. Merchants had to hire militias to put down the rebellion.

On the other hand, it was the rule of enslaved blacks that the militia had established a strong position. Access to white guns was essential for this feature.

The main cause of controversy at the 1788 Constitutional Ratification Conference in Virginia was that the draft Constitution puts the training and armament of state militias under federal control. Virginians Patrick Henry and George Mason evoked fear of a massive slave rebellion, saying that if Virginia slaves stood up (as before), whites would remain “vulnerable.” Warned. Patrick Henry explained that the owners of white plantations would be abandoned because “the north hates slavery.” In short, blacks had to be conquered and contained, and the state control of the militia was the way to do it.

The owner of the plantation says “Barbarian Burning, burning, castrating, and pulling out slaves’ tongues and eyes ”created overwhelming fear among whites for their abilities and desire for retaliation. A series of rebellions in the 1600s and 1700s terrorized white populations and led to numerous legislation prohibiting blacks from possessing any weapon, including guns. The militia’s vital role was to quell those rebellions, especially in the event of a widespread uprising, such as the 1740 Stono Rebellion in South Carolina.

This function of the militia was so important during the War of Independence that governments like South Carolina spent most of the white workforce in containing slaves. As a result, the colony did not have enough whites to join the Continental Army and repel the British. The calculation was simple. For colonial plant owners, maintaining slavery and controlling blacks was more important than fighting for American independence.

In other words, concerns about continuing to curb enslaved blacks lie behind and behind the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The same is true today.

In May 2000, NRA President Charlton Heston enacted the Constitution, holding a 19th-century rifle over his head, and the only way Al Gore and other liberals could steal his gun was “From my cold dead hands“. The indomitable statement was a response to his suspected attackers. Three years ago, Heston declared:Heaven helps those who fear GodAdhering to the law, whites, middle class, Protestant, or worse, admitting heterosexuals, owning guns, and worse, carrying NRA cards and stiffening on average. “

Almost 20 years later, Colorado Congressman Lauren Boebert proudly said he was carrying her. Glock When she got to work in Washington, DC, she repeated the same rebellion and fear she wrote to her followers. [O’Rourke] Stop robbing our gunsWith no weapons, she shouted in a donation ad and was overwhelmingly white. ConstituencyGang members, drug runners, thugsA derogatory word that is often developed as synonym For African Americans.

Previously, Dana ReshAn NRA spokesman painted a similar picture in which “they” shouted “racism”, broke windows, burned cars, bullied “law-abiding” people, and terrorized. , She said, “they” get angry when the police are called to “stop this madness.” She claimed that the only way to save our country and freedom was to “fight this false violence with a true fist.” Apparently, the same squeeze that Heston held over his head with a gun.

Thus, the massacres at Sandy Hook, the Pulse Club in Orlando, Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, and San Bernardino did not lead to meaningful firearm safety legislation, despite the tremendous number of casualties. .. The prevailing anti-blackism that dominated Barack Obama’s presidency helped short-circuit concrete legislative responses. Instead, the fear of being vulnerable to a country with a significant black population and black leadership was clear. Gun sales increased by 158% Like the rise of Anti-black right-wing militia..

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Evaluation From the NRA, I will summarize it. He raided the US Capitol, injured 140 police officers, built a gallows to “hang Mike Pence,” and wasn’t afraid of white rebels hunting Nancy Pelosi.He will have I was afraidBut if it was Black Lives Matter. Indeed, that horror and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution mean that the life of a black man is not important. And whites and others targeted by the shootings suffer collateral damage and pay the price.

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