American cities are melting. Someone talks to the infrastructure negotiator.

President Biden.

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David Attenborough’s nature documentaries have often returned to bird paradise — a group of species that have developed a very strange appearance thanks to sexual overselection. Females of these birds are usually normal, but males have developed (often cheerful) bright feathers that they use to seduce their companions in elaborate rituals.

These mating rituals are basically similar to what’s happening in Washington, DC today, except that they promise the joy of dancing and flirtation, beautiful colors, or something fun at the end. The current “negotiation” of bipartisan infrastructure packages relies entirely on complex dances that are superficially designed to achieve value while demonstrating responsibility and virtue, but in reality. I’m not doing anything like that. On the other hand, real screaming emergencies in the form of climate change are largely ignored.

Jeffstein Washington post I have a product How Senators’ bipartisan groups intend to pay for their infrastructure proposals: by lying. The deal assumes that it can plunder $ 70 billion from the unemployment insurance program without harming the beneficiaries, but experts can get up to $ 35 billion, which is definitely unemployment benefits. I agree to sacrifice. They count $ 65 billion from the sale of electromagnetic spectrum that has already happened. They have $ 6 billion in sales from strategic petroleum reserves that must eventually be replaced. “The plan also includes the diversion of approximately $ 80 billion in coronavirus relief funding that no one has identified or agreed to,” Stein wrote.

One of their unquestionable legitimate sources of income—increasing IRS funding to crack down on rampant tax evasion — is counted by the Congressional Budget Office for the metaphysics of government-built budgets. Not likely Consistently wrong 30 years).

This is not the only infrastructure plan currently under discussion.The· The other half of the plan — President Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Most of the rest of the Democrats — Put all the good things in the Democrats for real I want a second settlement bill that will be passed by a partisan vote. Not surprisingly, you may be wondering why the party is plagued by bipartisan songs and dances when they can save time and make a single bill.

Informed observers agree The reason is that a few Democratic moderates, especially Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, are demanding a bipartisan outreach before they agree to submit the actual bill. ..As David Dien Write in American ProspectThe price of this bipartisan bill could include mass privatization of public infrastructure, lover contracts with connected contractors, or other terrible thoughts. 95 out of 100, “bipartisan” means “corruption.”

The audience for this fake virtue performance consists only of Manchin himself, some of his centrists, and an overly devout member of the Washington Press. If this clumsy and poor bipartisan bill were passed, no one would remember it in a week. Manchin will be reelected in 2024 (whatever he does, no matter what he runs again, he will almost certainly lose badly). If he really wanted the bad parts of the bipartisan bill, he could easily claim that they were included in the Democratic settlement bill.

The most powerful senators move heaven and earth just to pay lip services to objectively meaningless bipartisan legislative norms, and in any case, moderate, not really respected by both sides for 20 years. Look at the culture of the Senate.

If the stakes aren’t that high (literally), it would be terribly interesting.Pacific Northwest was hit by the worst heat wave in history recorded earlier this week, with temperatures 116 degrees Fahrenheit, Portland — a record high for the third consecutive day, well above the record high of the previous year 9 degrees, And the highest point ever Atlanta, Dallas, Miami..Canada’s small town It also reached 116 degrees, It exceeds the past record of the whole country three times.

This is important for infrastructure, as Pacific Northwest was not built due to such heat.the hotel is Reserved solid, Most homes don’t have air conditioning, Power lines melted and disconnected, pavement buckled, asphalt melted..Authorities say 34 people Dead In Vancouver.But states like Texas aren’t immune — like us. I saw it a few weeks agoExtreme heat also stresses its awkward power grid.Bad heat waves that knock out electricity can be easily killed Tens of thousands of people very quickly..

The whole country is shouting two things: swift action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of diplomatic efforts to convince other countries to do the same, and what is already happening and guaranteed. Rapid new investment to protect Americans from climate disasters is getting worse in the future.Both of these naturally mean a big investment, but even the larger settlement bill proposed by the Democratic Party. Maybe one fifth The size of what is needed for a true attack on climate change — to increase it requires borrowing taxes or hiking more than Manchin, because Democratic rights are comfortable.

So don’t ask any more about what is “responsible” from moderate Democrats in Congress. The country blends into the slag, and they bounce around like amorous songbirds without worrying about the world.

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