American dumbing down gets nervous

“What’s happening?”

I was wondering when I saw a bunch of emails in my inbox last week. All of these are related to the columns I created and submitted to The Courier last Saturday. As you can see, these messages started to arrive on Thursday, a few days before my column was scheduled to be published.

Well, long before it appeared in the public forums, I suspect that some people know exactly what I wrote for the future. It sounded ridiculous – and it was. I asked the State Journal Register and Reisa Richardson, the editor-in-chief of this newspaper, for an answer.

She explained that newspapers are digital first. This means that the columns and articles planned for print will first be published on the newspaper’s website, and by agreement between Yahoo News and Apple News, these internet retailers have the right to publish newspaper content. Then I replied to a couple of those email writers and asked where they read my column. After all, it was published on the Yahoo News website before Saturday’s publication date.

A stranger gave me more than 12 answers to my column. One of them asked me if I was a real person or if I was writing this type of column with a fake name.

If you haven’t read it, the column was all about the decline of our great country, it’s Harvard-educated US Senator Ted Cruz from Texas over the COVID-19 vaccination promotion at Sesame Street’s Big Aiming at the children with yellow-winged creatures proved by choosing to fight Bird, it was also highlighted by a flock of QAnon in Dallas waiting for John F. Kennedy Jr. to return. Don’t worry about JFK Jr. dying in a 1999 plane crash. He was clearly no show.

Young Kennedy is returning to his mundane self to declare Donald Trump, the winner of the 2020 presidential election, and the words that he – JFK Jr. – will serve as his vice president is a disciple of QAnon. It spread among us.

It’s pretty ridiculous, but don’t make fun of ourselves. Hundreds of thousands of Americans still believe that Trump won the election, and don’t mind that JFK Jr. grew up in a famous American family with a strong liberal perspective far from the far-right philosophy. .. I can’t help but wonder if many of the Dallas herds would be happy to have a well-baked Big Bird at the Thanksgiving table next week.

I would like to share some of the emails I received from all over the country. Most writers supported my view, but then there was Muneerah Aoudad. The email address describes her as “one lovely woman 1”. I don’t think Aouad was particularly kind to me. Here’s what she wrote:

“Mr. Tuckett, I read your ridiculous article. Yes, it’s just ridiculous. It’s clear that your old age has no clue what’s going on in this country yet. I Made the sad and unfortunate mistake of being a Democrat for years. I saw them destroying the lives of Americans.

“Maybe you need to go on a trip to Los Angeles, and you can see what DemoRats did. Los Angeles was a thriving city until around 1990, the world’s largest post-production for the film industry. It was a center. Currently they are not filming in Los Angeles.

Dan Tuckett

Dan Tuckett

“In the meantime, stupid DemoRATS keeps the southern border open, infecting Los Angeles with welfare, HUD housing, food stamps, and millions of illegal immigrants who now have American jobs until 2021. White or black Americans can’t get a job in Los Angeles, which is run by Latin Americans, including Latino idiot mayors. Los Angeles is everywhere in the world. Have the worst homeless crisis of Americans sleeping on the streets!

“Do you think you can fly over to a hotel in Los Angeles? Give it a try. Your hotel neighbor will be a homeless drug addict. I slipped LA into a swamp in 2000. I went to the east coast, realizing that I would never get a job on the east coast just by returning to 2013. I left and went to the San Francisco Bay area, which is currently being attacked by Latin Americans. moved.

“Soon, we’ll have to move our luggage together. This time outside the United States, DemoRats said we seniors will get dentures, eyeglasses, and hearing aids. Well, that was all a lie. The truth is, our Medicare will rise from $ 144 to $ 170 on January 1st, and no one will regulate the cost of dental treatment, so we will never get a denture. That is.

“Thank you DemoRAT!”

Those who supported my column gave a lot of reasons to believe that America’s sanity is on slippery slopes. The sampling is as follows:

From David Hildy: “This nonsense all started with Karl Rove. I forgot that he blamed Max Cleland for his patriotism debate, but he was accused of not being a hero because John McCain was captured. I have your lead to QAnon who has become.

“Thanks for your article, and it seems to me that Democrats need a” plumber Joe “mouthpiece to counter stupidity. Intellectuals are not asked – must be anonymous used by Democrats to spit out common sense. “

From Michael Murray: “Unfortunately you are 100% correct. Recently, I’m constantly asking myself,” How did you get here? ” The end doesn’t seem to be visible. I wonder if there is only one really bad dream.

“Thanks for the insight. I’m not going to get hooked.”

From Manju Rupani: “Thank you for the article. I couldn’t agree anymore.

“I also blame the technology that stunns our country. We have big problems when large tech companies have established themselves as leaders in science and good. . “

From Carol Sharkey: I loved what you had to say. You are right about the events and clowns involved. I’ve said America needs a reboot – soon.

From Tina Roeser: “I came across an article you wrote about America being ridiculous. It’s funny. I feel ridiculous for a while.

“A few months ago, my husband and I were watching a PBS show about Woodstock, in which we noticed that no one was fat. The narrator said they were eating at the event pretty quickly. People in the surrounding towns were asked if they could help with the food. They sent eggs and oatmeal. I thought, “What’s the chip?” .. There is no crap we exist today. The crap was filled with additives and preservatives that could be consumed by the Food and Drug Administration.interesting

“Did the Food and Drug Administration say that opioids are safe without being addictive? That worked. It really worked for those who are scraping the dough.

“But wait, COVID is here. It really went out of focus from opioids? The problem is still with us, but we haven’t heard about death from drug overdose anymore in the news. In all of my life, I’ll hear my doctor say, “It’s just a virus. If I ask about cold or influenza antibiotics, it’s necessary to carry out that course.

“It’s undeniable that this virus is genuine and deadly. I think the vaccine was pushed out for profit. It’s scary to hear about the possible side effects to them. Hoping for blood clots and heart inflammation. Who is it? Only two of them.

“Are America stupid? I think we were stupid to follow the FDA blindly.”

From Ann Augustine: “Gee, Dan, you missed some obvious things, such as the heads of all the media who called the 2020 left-wing riot a” peaceful protest, “and Joe Biden. For example, Biden plans to pay certain illegal immigrants $ 450,000 per person. Both people seem ridiculous to me. But I don’t think those examples seem silly to you, or at least don’t support your agenda. “

From Steve Verbancsics: “If you read the column, you might find the following interesting (depressing or not unexpected?)

“After the Dallas folly, I had to answer someone who took it all seriously.” Of course, this is all Ben Franklin and the Hellfire from the headquarters under the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is run by the club. “

“I don’t think I’m surprised that the person I responded to had a serious discussion about what I said.

“The other was when I went to Colombia in the late 1960s, I was a night watchman on Sesame Street. Even the sleeping Big Bird is smarter and better at talking than Teddy Mexicans. I can prove that. “

*** ***

I would be disappointed if I didn’t use the time and a few drops of printer ink to truly wish for a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed holiday season.

Dan Tackett is the retired editor-in-chief of The Courier. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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