American family on ski trip find lost bag on return trip to Vancouver airport

Robin Fant and her family find the last missing suitcase in the ocean. not charged bag At Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday, he was about to board his flight home to North Carolina after an annual ski trip to Whistler, British Columbia.

Their bag was one of 1,500 left at the airport by authorities after a winter storm that wreaked havoc on vacation trips last month. A freezing rain blanketed Metro Vancouver, leaving many people bedridden on the airport floor for days.

As she walked through the airport, Fant told her husband and three sons: already checked 8 bag I arrived in Vancouver on Christmas Day for an Air Canada flight, but my luggage with all my ski equipment went missing for the next four days.

Lost bag She said it cost her family “thousands of dollars” because she had to rent ski gear and purchase clothing such as winter boots, gloves, jackets and trousers.

A woman who worked at an Air Canada counter at an airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, worked with her pre-teen son, Fant said. bagwas untagged, and threw it into the chute.

The boy and two others were “throwing” people’s luggage. bag Slam down,” she said.

In a statement, Air Canada said it was unable to confirm the family’s story.

“But if it’s correct, it’s not in compliance with our operating procedures.”

The family found the last missing bag in a fenced area. not charged Baggage of a person who used Air Canada.

Homeira Shojaei and her husband were able to find two of the three missing bag In the same area on Tuesday, three days after moving from Iran to Vancouver.

She said she was relieved. bag It contains everything you need to start secondary school next week.

Ms Shojaei said she had contacted Air Canada about her lost luggage and had received a confirmation email from the airline, but after no further communication, she went to the airport to launch her own investigation.

She presented her luggage tag to the attendant and was told that her luggage was not there.

Shojaei said they insisted on searching and found two bag.

Shojaei said they’ll be back looking for the last bag this weekend, and I think it’s still in Toronto, where they boarded a connecting flight to Vancouver.

According to a statement from the airport, not charged bag It fluctuates as the package arrives, is picked up, or is sent to the owner for delivery.

“We expect it will take longer for us and our airline partners to complete this integration process, but we are making steady progress,” the statement said.

With a 99% success rate for packages leaving Vancouver’s airport, that means just about anything. already checked bag We are processing and will leave on time.

brenna owen

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