American Heart Association says MagSafe may affect heart equipment



Will MagSafe, which debuted with the iPhone 12 series, affect cardiac devices?American Heart Association(American Heart Association) recently gave his own answer. According to its test, when you put MagSafe-based products on the skin at the implantation site or close to devices such as pacemakers, it comes from the three major US heart device manufacturers (Medtronic, Abbott, and Boston Scientific) “Some products” of will be easily affected by magnetism.

“Our research shows that when an iPhone 12 Pro Max is placed in the above position, it may accidentally trigger the magnetic test mode of the heart device (at this time the metronome will work at a preset frequency instead of the frequency set by the doctor, defibrillation The device will also stop defibrillation), thereby affecting its effect.” The association wrote in the paper. They used a total of 11 pacemakers and defibrillators in the test, of which 3 have been implanted in the human body, and the remaining 8 are new products obtained directly out of the box. When the new iPhone approaches, it will cause “clinically identifiable magnetic interference.” One of the external devices will trigger the test mode “within the farthest 1.5cm range” from the mobile phone.

Regarding the safety of MagSafe, Apple has stated that the iPhone 12 series “will not bring a greater risk of magnetic interference than the old iPhone.” But the results obtained by the American Heart Association did not match this. They measured magnetic responses on all three in-vivo devices. According to a test conducted on 148 patients by Lacour et al., the earlier iPhone 6 did not have a similar situation. The findings of the Heart Association should be able to attract more people’s attention to a certain extent. After all, the FDA has previously stated that MagSafe does not pose a high risk to cardiac equipment. In any case, Apple has also changed the supporting documents in January of this year. They recommend that users who use implanted devices keep a safe distance of at least 15cm. I hope that patients will read it carefully.

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