American journalist killed by Russian troops in Ukraine

Mike Coppola

Mike Coppola

American journalist and documentary filmmaker Brent Renaud murdered in Ilpin UkraineAccording to the Kyiv police chief.

Renault, that New York Times Presspasses and American passports were posted on social media and were legendary filmmakers covering some of the worst human tragedy in the world. The New York Times In a statement he said he was not assigned to them and their press pass with his name and photo was old.

CBS News said on Monday Confirming that Renault was killed by Russian troops.

“A 51-year-old world-renowned media correspondent was shot with Ilpen today,” posted local police chief Andrie Nebitov. Facebook.. “Another journalist is injured. Now they are trying to drive the victims out of the war zone. Of course, the journalist’s profession is dangerous, but US citizen Brent Renaud is the invader’s ingenuity, cruelty. Well, I spent my life trying to emphasize the ruthlessness. “

Juan Aledondo, who traveled with Renault during the attack and was hospitalized for an injury, Told the journalist They crossed the Irpin Bridge and tried to film the refugees leaving when they were attacked by Russian troops at a checkpoint.

“We got into the car. Someone offered to take us to another bridge and we crossed the checkpoint. [started] Shoot us, “said Arredondo. “So the drivers turned around and they kept shooting.”

He said he saw Renault shot in the neck.

The death of a journalist occurred days after a fierce street battle in Ilpin, a suburb about three miles from Kyiv, leading to the deaths of several civilians. It was Ilpin that the murdered bodies of a family of three, including a small child, were photographed. New York Times, It becomes a symbol of the world of horror caused by Putin’s war.

Brent and his brother Craig work for Monica’s Renault Brothers and have won several awards for documentary work, including the Peabody Awards and two Columbia DuPont Awards.

The brothers reported from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and natural disasters such as the Haiti earthquake. He and his brothers have also covered political extremism in Egypt, Libya, and throughout Africa.

One of the recent works of the Renault brothers is a female storm about the drug crisis in Arkansas, where they grew up.In an interview with Rolling stoneBrent explained why they were attracted to the topic.

“There is so much judgment and analysis about people using medicines in our culture, social media and cable news. Our work was a reaction to that concept,” he said. .. “We were trying to put ourselves in places that most people couldn’t go to, allowing those characters to reveal themselves to us and to show context and empathy for their story.”

Renault took risks from the beginning of his career and brought a public story from the war zone.

This is what Putin doesn’t want you to know about what’s happening in Russia right now

He said Film director In a 2013 magazine, just after graduating from college, he funded a trip to Cambodia and was interviewed with two rival Prime Ministers.

“On the first day of shooting, I noticed that I was on the other side of the town with the wrong player, and I was about to be killed when the car I was in passed through a military checkpoint and was lit by a soldier. Now, “he said. “On another occasion, I jumped on a motorcycle with an interpreter, got into the jungle, and interviewed a villager who managed to launch. What I didn’t notice was that I interviewed the 1970s. He lived in a village still dominated by the Khmer Rouge, a brutal communist rebel who killed one-third of the country’s total population.

“The situation got worse and we needed a heavily armed army. Fortunately, it was coordinated by the general who became friends at the beginning of the trip.”

He told the magazine that he and his brothers were in Cairo, which covers the crackdown on the Islamic Brotherhood.

“It wasn’t possible to do it safely just by pulling out the camcorder on the street to record the demo,” he said. “Twice, I was attacked by a thug who didn’t want the brutal tactics of the army witnessed by the international media.”

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