American Spirit cancels hundreds of flights for three consecutive days

American Airlines and Spirit Airlines have canceled more than 600 flights on Tuesday. Every day of big travel troubles For airline passengers.

According to Flight Tracker, American Airlines, which is still struggling to recover from Sunday’s storm at its huge Dallas hub, has canceled Tuesday’s flight 288, or 9% of its schedule. FlightAware.. The airline has canceled flights 563 on Monday and nearly 300 on Sunday. Flight delays are also quite large, affecting 414 American Airlines to date.

Spirit has canceled 347 flights, which is an astonishing 50% of Tuesday’s flights. This is in addition to canceling 42% of Monday’s flights due to weather and a series of operational challenges.

The airline has aggressively canceled Tuesday’s flight “to reset our operations,” spokesman Field Sutton said in a statement.

“We are working 24 hours a day to mitigate travel disruptions caused by overlapping operational challenges, such as weather, system outages, and staff shortages in some areas of operation.” The statement states.

Frustrated travelers are attacking social media with stories of travel worries.

U.S. spokesman Curtis Blessing said the airline’s ongoing cancellations began at the end of Sunday, temporarily suspending some flights and at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, the largest hub at home. He said it was due to the spillover effect of “long-term, severe” weather that closed the two lamps. Airlines were forced to cancel and delay flights, and some flights were bypassed.

The airline’s pilot union said the airline “cannot continue to blame the weather.”

“Weather hits, it’s a way to hit everyone and recover from being measured as a credible operation,” said Dennis Tager, a spokesman for the Union Pilots Association, who is negotiating a contract with the airline. Told. Every summer. ””

Most of Tuesday’s flight cancellations blame the shortage of pilots and the strict American scheduling system, which does not allow pilots to assist in fear of disrupting airlines in the event of a crisis, Tajer said. Future airline operations said it was due to crew issues. (Pilot has a limit on maximum working hours.)

“We have pilots ready to fly, but their schedule is limited,” he said.

“There is a fire at their feet (of American owners) and they are pouring petrol into it instead of allowing us to help them with water.”

The blessing blamed the flight crew for problems with prolonged flight delays and detours, forcing the crew to time out. He said the Americans worked all day to relocate the plane and its crew on Monday.

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Spirit Airlines flights, USA: More than 600 flights canceled on Tuesday