“American Ugly” showed its face during a show at the Ohio Theater

An inspirational muscle scene,

An inspirational muscle scene “Come From Away”.

Sad and fascinating theater fans: Maskless theater spectators showed American ugliness

I loved the production “Come away” At the Ohio Theater. It is based in Gander, Newfoundland, and notable people with the help of thousands of air travelers since 9/11.

Then the family debate began about the ugliness of Americans after 9/11. I remembered the time of unity at that time. We conclude that people have just stopped compassion.

review: The memory of 9/11 fades, but the message of hope, “Come From Away”, has a long-lasting humanity.

This was also evident from the theater attendees sitting around me. Pretend their masks are removed for their suckers or their wine glasses. Many turned them off throughout the show.. People have been playing with their cell phones all the time. When the light came on, the mask returned to its original position.

We are back in the ugliness of America. Should I follow the rules only when everyone is watching? Is there a compass inside moral and mutual concerns?

COVID-19 Update: Ohio has more COVIDs across the country-19 deaths per person.Cases, reduced hospitalization

The show at the venue has been cancelled Omicron..We are still The incidence of COVID-19 is very high.People are still dying.. Do you care about anyone anymore?

more: The Dublin heroine influenced Broadway sensations. “Reckless” lawmakers must be accountable

For humanity, there is nothing better than understanding what “Come From Away” is …

I’m a sad and fascinating theater fan.

Kyashii M. Weigant, Findley

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

letter: How to submit a letter to the Columbus Dispatch Editor

The future of students at risk due to high absenteeism

One of the scariest numbers of COVID pandemics is the surge in school absenteeism.

According to the Ohio Ministry of Education, nearly 1,000 schools in Ohio were absent from more than 30% of their students between 2020 and 21 and the overall percentage of chronic absenteeism was terrible at 24%.

Absenteeism: Ohio schools are suffering from a surge in chronic absenteeism during a pandemic

Dispatch report, “Ohio schools are suffering from a surge in chronic absenteeism during a pandemic.” Some schools emphasize how to combat school refusal, but more attention and action needs to be focused on this issue.

This task is especially troublesome for students who are already struggling.

Children who are chronically absent Today, they need to be successfully re-engaged and all students need to provide targeted support and intervention to ensure they are on track. Billions of dollars in federal aid are designed for this very purpose.

Return to school: Ohio School COVID-19: “Children are in the classroom,” Columbus officials say

Schools and school districts must continue to work with parents to identify student needs and the support they need. summer schoolLonger school days or years, and other proven strategies.

How they decide: COVID-19: What factors affect the Greater Columbus school district as it travels to remote areas?

If this urgent crisis cannot be addressed, the student’s personal future and Ohio’s competitive advantage are at stake. It requires concentration and urgency.

Ohio Excels President, Lisa A. Gray

You need to use a map of independent groups and keep only one primary

The Republican-controlled Ohio Parliament and the Constituency Change Commission have spared taxpayers’ money to create and defend a clearly unconstitutional constituency change map that goes against the will of the people.

Map rejected: Parliamentarians are unable to vote on the map of Congress and are punting on the Ohio constituency change committee

Now they are considering something that is significantly more expensive Dual primary system To deal with the failure to create a fair constituency change plan in a timely manner.

Dual primary: After the Ohio Supreme Court rejects the map, Senate Republican leaders propose an expensive solution: two primaries

At the same time, both the Fair District Union and the Ohio Citizens Subdivision Commission Legislative and parliamentary constituency change plans Compliant with state constitutional requirements and free of charge for state taxpayers.

One of the maps created by these groups should be selected for the new legislative and parliamentary districts of the state.

A single major date should be established in June of this year.

It’s time to hold Messrs. Mike Dewine, Frank LaRose, Keith Faber, Matt Huffman, Bob Cupp You are responsible for the contempt shown to Ohio voters through the costly mismanagement of the Ohio constituency change process. Mark Griffith, Northridge Building

This article was originally published in Columbus Dispatch: Letter: High absenteeism will hurt the future of students

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