American women’s soccer team loses to Canada, ending chances of winning a gold medal

American women’s soccer team lost 1-0 8th place Canada finished its chance to win a gold medal in Tokyo in the Olympic semifinals on Monday.

Important reason: This defeat marks the second consecutive Olympic Games in which the US team has not played in a gold medal match.The team was knocked out by Sweden Quarter finals During the 2016 Rio game.

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  • Monday’s defeat also ends the team’s quest Historical back-to-back double — After winning the Women’s World Cup, I won the Olympics. This is the first time Canada has defeated Team USA for the first time in 20 years.

  • Both teams struggled to make a lot of attacks in the semi-finals on Monday, but Canada’s Jessie Fleming converted a penalty kick in the 75th minute to lead late.

Big picture: Participate in a tournament in Tokyo with an experienced team — 17 Played With the 2019 World Cup Team — The team struggled to gain a foothold early in the tournament.

  • U.S. players suffered Stunning 3-0 defeat Before dominating New Zealand 6-1 he went to Sweden with his 2021 Olympic debut.

  • They drew Australia 0-0. This was just enough to get them a spot in the quarterfinals.

  • Then the United States Defeat the netherlands In a penalty shootout that stabs a nail on Friday.

  • The team won four gold medals and one silver medal in six Olympic appearances.

What’s next: The United States will compete for a bronze medal on Thursday at 4 am EST with the team that lost the semi-finals between Australia and Sweden.

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