Americans and Canadians answer Ukraine’s call for foreign fighters

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Americans and Canadians answer Ukraine’s call for foreign fighters

Texas software developers and British Columbia cooks answer among dozens of Americans and Canadians UkraineCall for foreign volunteers to fight the Russian invasion.

Their government refuses to send troops to Ukraine Americans and Canadians told Reuters that they were inspired by the fierce resistance of Ukrainians for fear of sparking World War. Many believe that if nothing is done to protect Europe, democratic rights within the country could ultimately be compromised.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for the formation of an “international army” on Sunday.Some young volunteers traveled straight Ukraine participate.

Others applied to Ukrainian embassies and consulates before quitting their jobs or dropping out of college.

Mobilization was taking place when Russian artillery fired UkraineThe second largest city in Kharkov on Monday, the fifth day of the conflict.

Ukraine lifts visa requirements for foreigners seeking to participate in the fight against Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has temporarily lifted the visa requirement for foreigners who want to join the Ukrainian “International Defense Corps” to fight Russia.

Zelensky signed the decree late Monday. It will take effect on Tuesday and will remain in effect for as long as martial law continues. According to the law, foreigners, with the exception of Russian citizens, do not need a visa to enter Ukraine if they join the corps to fight the Russian army. Kyiv independence First reported.

On Sunday, Zelensky was reported to have pleaed foreigners to fight Ukraine. Ukrainian new voice..By the beginning of Monday, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Claim The country received “thousands” of requests from foreigners to participate in the war.

Zelensky also announced on Monday that he would release prisoners with combat experience to protect Ukraine.

“Under martial law, participants in hostilities, Ukrainians with actual combat experience, can be released from detention and compensate for guilt in the hottest places of war. All sanctions. Will be lifted from some of the people who participated in the anti-terrorism operation. Now the key is defense, “he said.

The Ukrainian government also provides basic military training to some citizens.


Biden’s managers downplay the fear of a nuclear war with Russia

President Joe Biden said on Monday that Americans should not be afraid of the prospect of a nuclear war with Russia, as White House officials have shown that the United States has not changed its nuclear position.

Comments were made after Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that he would prepare his own strategic defense force to oversee some of Russia’s nuclear weapons.

While attending the event on Monday, Biden was asked by reporters if Americans should be worried about the nuclear war. Biden simply answered “no”.

Putin said the move to strengthen nuclear readiness came after the United States, the European Union, and other countries imposed penalties and other penalties on Russian leadership.

Mimi Nguyen-Ly, Jack Phillips, and Reuters contributed to this report.

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