Americans don’t “vote for cheats”



Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) tried to dispel concerns on Sunday Former President Donald Trump’s Push Appointing supporters who refuse elections to election supervisors, claiming that these officials may affect the final number of votes.

At the same time, Cassidy argued that Americans would not fall into Trump-supporting candidates pushing a “big lie” in the ballot box. “Americans aren’t going to vote for cheats,” he declared with confidence.

CNN is appearing Trade union status Sunday, Cassidy — Who Voted to convict the impeachment card By instigating the January 6 riots — defending his decision not to support Restoring part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Even though the Senate voted 98-0 to re-approve the law just 10 years ago.

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“That’s why the Supreme Court decided-the Supreme Court decided that the situation in 1965 was different than it is now,” replied Louisiana Republican. “Imagine. African-Americans were elected President of the United States, African-Americans were elected Vice Presidents, and African-Americans were elected to the South Carolina Senate. Those who don’t just don’t believe in lying eyes. “

Meanwhile, CNN anchor Jake Tapper pointed out that voting activists “discrimination and prejudice continue to exist.” Republican law Nationwide Passing legislation restricting voting access Following Trump’s defeat in the 2020 elections.

“I don’t know what to say. This proves that the system is working,” Cassidy argues, saying that many democratic-led states have stricter voting methods than Texas and Georgia. Added. Where recent restrictions have passed..

However, Tapper repeated the influx of voting-restricted bills and the arrival of candidates to forge Trump’s widespread fraudulent allegations. In a collaborative promotion by the shameful former president to make “big lie” a central issue for the Republican Party.

“I saw Trump in Arizona last night trying to pressure lawmakers to revoke the 2020 elections. On Friday, he called for efforts to win a voting counter — his support. More of them are in the office, “said veteran anchor.

After airing a clip of the former president Encourage Republicans to be “tougher and smarter” Tapper pressured Cassidy about “counting votes” by placing refusals in the role of election superintendent, and about the rapid rise in refusalism within his party.

“We know what he means to be” tougher and smarter “, right? I will make you disagree with Democratic law.Let’s talk about another way forward. ” Trade union status The moderator asked. “What do you support to secure our elections and ensure that there are no frauds? Also, they are free and safe and deprive us of the rights we saw in 2020. Is your effort successful? “

“We are seeing the success of state and local governments in protecting elections,” Cassidy said, adding that courts and judges have rejected Trump’s proceedings to overturn the election results. ..

When it comes to election supervisors, Senators downplayed all the roles they would have in counting votes.

“They don’t count votes,” he declared. “It’s not some back room where you can throw it away or keep it. This is a public process represented by both sides and the votes are counted.”

In addition, Cassidy, perhaps naively, expressed conviction that US voters would not support candidates who publicly supported the overthrow of election results and ballot box fraud.

“Finally, I can imagine the slogan of the campaign.” Vote for me, I’m going to cheat in the election. “Don’t underestimate Americans,” he said. “Americans aren’t going to vote for cheats. If someone says I’ll vote because I want to turn the election over, they’ll lose the election.”

Cassidy concludes: Those bad faith didn’t go through, and as I pointed out in Georgia, they have more tolerant laws than Delaware and New York. “

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