Americans Must “Realign” Vaccine Expectations

Signs of COVID-19 vaccination.

Signs of COVID-19 vaccination. FREDERIC J via Getty Images. BROWN / AFP)

The COVID-19 vaccine does not eliminate the coronavirus “no matter how many booster shots the United States gives”.Celine R. Gounder write in for Atlantic.. But that’s not the reason for them to panic or lose confidence.

Grounder, Infectious Disease Specialist and Epidemiologist, Grossman School of Medicine, New York University and Bellevue Hospital, New York City, think The public health message became unmanageable early in the vaccine’s push. Especially when the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released real-world evidence that two doses of the Pfizer and Modana vaccines were 90% effective in preventing infection. Just an illness. After that, people were excited and believed that a complete vaccination status meant that you would rarely get infected or get sick. But now that it seems to be less effective, there are a lot of anxieties.

Grounder tried to mitigate it and explained that vaccines are usually more effective at completely preventing infection when fighting long-incubation viruses such as measles and smallpox. In such cases, the body is trained to expel the virus before it actually settles. However, for example, coronavirus and influenza do not take much time to initiate replication and can begin replication before the vaccinated defense system is restored. However, once this happens, the virus has little room for manipulation and usually impedes its progression in the lungs, causing serious damage.

With that in mind, Grounder To tell Americans simply need to “realign our expectations of what makes a vaccine successful.” “Public debates about pandemics have been distorted by the presumption that vaccination can and should eliminate COVID-19 altogether,” she argues, but that is not an achievable criterion. do. And it works “very well” and reduces “each breakthrough infection” to a “vaccine”, even if it reduces what could have been a serious infection to a mild or asymptomatic infection. Makes it look like proof that is not working. Read the full text of Grounder at Atlantic..

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