“America’s Got Talent” contestant Jay Phillips died of COVID-19 at the age of 30.He was not vaccinated

Big-haired rocker Jay Phillips, who made a name for himself in the two seasons of “America’s Got Talent,” died of COVID-19 complications at the age of 30.

When the family told TMZ that the keyboardist had fought the virus during Thanksgiving week, his symptoms worsened the day before the holiday.

He wasn’t vaccinated, but he told people he was going to take a shot just before he felt sick, the family added.

The Phillips family urged him to go to the hospital when he was ill, but he thought it was okay to put it to sleep, the gossip site added.

Rocker’s girlfriend went to check out the Thanksgiving musician and found him dead. TMZ reports that he lived with his father, who is currently on ventilator.

Playing the keyboard and wearing 80’s-style rocker hair and clothing, Philips starred in both Season 4 and Season 12 of the NBC Talent Show Competition.

The person in charge of “America’s Got Talent” declined to comment on Friday.