America’s Most Wanted fixture John Walsh vows to chase Gabby Petit’s boyfriend

LAmerica’s Most Wanted host John Walsh said he would join Gabby Petit’s boyfriend and Brian Laundry’s Manhunt, a person of interest related to her murder.

Walsh sought hints on Laundry’s whereabouts, focusing on Laundry, which was recently reported missing by his family a week after Petito was reported missing, and a crime show with John Walsh on Wednesday. Said to open.

“I settle down to catch this dirt bag,” Walsh said. Said NewsNation in an interview on Monday.

“This is a murder,” Walsh said. “This dirt bag is there. I don’t know if he left home with the FBI and local police and watched him day and night.”

FBI confirms missing remains in hiker Gabby Petit

Laundry was reported missing by his family on Friday, eight days after Petite’s family reported her missing. Laundry’s family said they carried their backpacks to the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, Florida, on Tuesday, September 14, and met him last.

Mr Walsh said the Laundry family “bought him for four days to get a good start.”

Petito and Laundrie have spent the past few weeks in the Midwest and departed on July 22nd. New York Stop at Colorado When Utah..

Petito was last seen on August 24th when she and Laundrie checked out a hotel in Salt Lake City. Her mother, Nicole Schmid, said she had heard last from her daughter the next day when Petite told her she was heading to Wyoming.

Sunday authorities discovered Grand Teton Bridger, Wyoming-Petito’s “match description” body at Teton National Forest. The FBI has since Confirmed The body was Petit, a county coroner said, “The first decision on how to die is murder. The cause of death remains until the final autopsy result.”

Investigators searched Laundry’s home in Florida on Monday, and FBI agents called the area a “lively crime scene.” The laundromat’s parents were taken away from home during the search.

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Richard Benson Stafford, a lawyer for Petit’s family, thanked the news media on Tuesday for “giving time for Petit and Schmidt’s family to mourn,” and said “when Gabby is at home.” Promised.

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