Amid concerns about China’s navy growth, the U.S. Navy is demanding only four new combatants next year

Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence dry dock

Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence dry dock U.S. Navy

  • The US Navy’s 2022 fiscal year budget requires only eight ships, of which only four are warships.

  • The Navy is looking for two new battleships, one destroyer and one frigate.

  • Limited demands were made amid growing concerns within the military about the growth of the Chinese Navy.

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The latest US Navy budget request requires eight ships, including only four.

The Ministry of the Navy has a budget of $ 211.7 billion for fiscal year 2022, which focuses on preparation rather than fleet expansion, even though the service focuses on China’s rapidly growing naval power. I will. Shipbuilding funding has fallen by $ 700 million.

“The United States still maintains a much higher tonnage than China, but the Chinese Navy has more ships than the US Navy. Build ships at a much higher rate“The Navy said in an overview of the budget request.

Budget documents are also from China It has an overall combat strength of 350 ships and submarines, including at least 130 major surface combatants... China expects to deploy a third aircraft carrier as early as 2023..

The US Navy is projected to have a force of 296 vessels by the end of fiscal 2022.

USS North Dakota Virginia-class nuclear submarine

A Virginia-class nuclear submarine attacks the North Dakota submarine during the Bravo sea trial. U.S. Navy photo

The Navy’s 2022 fiscal year request requires two Block V Virginia-class fast-attack submarines, one Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, and one new-class combat ship, the Constellation-class guided missile frigate. ..

The proposal also includes a request for four support vessels, including one John Lewis-class fleet refueling vessel. Two Navajo-class towing, rescue and rescue vessels. One new marine surveillance vessel.

Rear Admiral John Gunn Breton said on Friday afternoon that the Navy had made a “difficult choice” when it came to budgeting.

He explained that the “difficult choice” was that the Navy “chosen to invest the cost of the destroyer in a mix of future preparation, modernization, and capabilities.”

Admiral said that at the Navy’s request, the previous goal of the service of 355 vessels could not be achieved. “Eight ships a year can never be 355,” he said.

The eight latest demands from the Trump administration’s plan, which required twelve ships, are in line with last year’s demands, which were backed by Congress. Last year’s budget was criticized because it included only six warships and two tugboats.

The Navy will not only buy several new combatants with the latest budget demands, but will also retire 15 coastal combatants, two submarines, seven cruisers, one dock landing ship, and 15 tugboats. There is also a plan.

Navy Guided Missile Frigate FFG (X)

Rendered by the Navy’s future guided missile frigate artist. Marinette Marine

Fiscal 2022 requirements reduced aviation funding from $ 19.5 billion to $ 16.5 billion, with the Navy F / A-18 Super Hornets, P-8A Poseidon, VH-92A helicopters, and E-6B Mercury planes.

Overall, the service requires only 107 aircraft, 37 fewer than last year. The proposal also states that the Navy will cut its planned weapons procurement by $ 300 million to $ 4.2 billion.

Overall, procurement accounts fell 5.7% as the Navy reassigned funds to operations and maintenance, military personnel, R & D, and infrastructure.

Some of these areas of investment, especially maintenance, have long urgently needed additional support and funding, undermining the responsiveness of the US Navy.

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