Amy Schneider’s “Jeopardy!” Consecutive win ends with a Chicago librarian defeat

Amy Schneider’s historic 40-game streak on “Jeopardy!” Ended Wednesday and it was the Chicagoers who beat her. Rhone Talsma, a resident of McKinley Park and a multimedia librarian, finished first with a score of $ 29,600. Schneider finished second at $ 19,600.

Tarsuma works at Chicago Ridge Public Library He said that being a professional librarian offers some advantage.

“Finding the answer to the question asked to me at the reference desk is literally in the description of my work,” he told Tribune Wednesday. “Sit at your desk eight hours a day, and thanks to a question from one of your patrons, you’re almost certain to learn something new. Librarians have a strong reputation as“ Jeopardy! ”. We are generalists in nature and do not have deep expertise in many areas, but we are contestants because we know a little about many subjects. This is suitable for the formats and clues introduced in “Jeopardy!”. “

In a statement provided by the show, Schneider said: I love spending time with him and had a great conversation before taping, but he was playing here and could say he would be fine. He was still close to winning, but I felt he was slipping a little. And when it became clear that he was ringing the buzzer, I thought it would be a fight all the time. “

Heading to Final Jeopardy, Schneider led with a score of $ 27,600 and Talsma scored $ 17,600. The clue was, “It’s the only country in the world whose English name ends with H, and it’s also one of the ten most populous.” Correct answer: “What is Bangladesh?”

Only Ken Jennings, the greatest record holder in history, has beaten Schneider in a row, scoring 74 to 40 wins in 2004. Her total prize pool is $ 1,382,800 and she will return to the Tournament of Champions this fall.

Talsma, who confronts two new challengers on Thursday, said he was a longtime fan of the show. “I remember seeing Ken Jennings’ winning streak when I was 11 and being surprised at how much he knew. I always really take trivia quizzes, especially in areas such as geography and history. I’ve enjoyed it. I’m also very competitive and usually work well under pressure, so I thought it wouldn’t be half as bad to attend the show if I was well prepared.

“I started taking online tests about five years ago, but this was the first time I actually auditioned. When I realized that I was cast, I had only one month to study, so I’m confident. I spent a lot of time studying Shakespeare and movies in areas where there is no such thing. I think it’s the best way to study in “Jeopardy!”. Watch the show every day and pay attention to what themes come up and how the clues are expressed. “

What ended Schneider’s run? “First and foremost, I’m incredibly proud of myself,” he said. “Participating in the show was a big achievement in itself, and I didn’t expect to win, especially after learning that I would play against a record-breaking champion.”

But again, “As a big fan of the show, I’ve noticed the importance of Amy in” Jeopardy! “. In her history, I felt incredibly humble to play against her. Not to mention being the one who will end her winning streak. I have a strong respect for Amy. The breadth and depth of her knowledge is unrealistic, she is kind, humorous, and she is a confident but humble person. Basically, she embodies all the features I strive for myself! I really see her as a role model, so I can play her role, especially this role, in her “Jeopardy!”. The story was something I couldn’t imagine when I learned that it was cast.

“There’s a long-standing tension about how I’m accepted by fans. I know Amy is very popular and probably now likely to be compared to Amy. Many I know people comment on how luck affected my victory, but one of the things I learned from attending the show is that luck is also the deciding factor for who’s “Jeopardy!” about it. More successful than people understand. When you are as dominant as Amy, you can mitigate the effects of random chances and continue winning streak, but even Amy against a strong champion in her first win as I did. I came from behind.

“I’m very grateful that the wind was blowing that day, and fortunately, it’s definitely.”

Nina Mets is a tribune critic

[email protected]

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