Amy Schumer looks back on her husband’s diagnosis of autism celebrating his son’s birthday

Amy Schumer’s son Jean turns two on Wednesday and the comedian with her husband Chris Fischer Diagnosis of his autism..

“Today is my son’s birthday. Thinking about my husband, Chris, I woke up emotionally like hell.” She captioned a pair of Instagram photosIncludes one of them and one of Fisher holding Jean together during childbirth.

“In this first photo, I never felt lonely because he was holding my hand and staring into my eyes while I was doing a 3 hour caesarean section. I always feel loved and supported. He is a husband and father who has taken care of our family and surpassed my dreams. “

The 39-year-old “Train Wreck” star writes that Fisher’s experience of autism helped others. She pointed to the HBO Max documentary. “I’m expecting Amy” It recorded her pregnancy in Jean.

“He also has an autism spectrum disorder. Testing and diagnosis improved communication and support with each other,” she writes.

“When I looked at our document #expectingamy, people contacted me that it motivated me to take the test and changed my life. I would like to encourage you to maximize your ability to get rid of the stigma associated with autism. “

Schumer also believes that Jean also has autism and accepts it.

“Statistically, our son is also likely to be diagnosed, and it’s great news if he’s like a father,” she writes. “So, on the birthday of our baby, who held my hand tight and hugged me with his eyes, I want to say I love you.

Schumer has not avoided a way to welcome Jean to be diagnosed with autism. Someone on Instagram in 2019 Asked how she “coped” If he was in the autism spectrum.

“How do I deal with it? I don’t see being in the spectrum negative.” She replied..

“My husband is my favorite person I have ever met. He is kind, cheerful, entertaining and talented, and I respect him,” she continued. “Do you hope your son isn’t? I pay attention and, like all parents, try to give him the tools he needs to overcome any challenges.”