An 18-year-old boy died in the crash time after graduation, according to a Louisiana police officer. “No one like her”

After graduating from high school in Louisiana, an 18-year-old woman died in a car accident.

The 18 year old woman died Police told KPLC that two vehicles collided with sulfur about 135 miles west of Baton Rouge around 2 pm EST on Saturday, May 21.

McClatchy News was unable to ask the sulfur police for comment.

Sulfur high school Identified later Student as Jesse Harmon in a Facebook I graduated According to the website of the Kalkashu Parish Board of Education, it was 10 am on the same day.

“We would like to express our deepest condolences to all those who were lucky enough to know and love their family, friends, and Jesse Harmon,” the school wrote. “There is a counselor at school this week for students in need.”

Friends and fellow students expressed their sadness on social media.

“…I noticed Really there No one is like her, “written Julia McCulley, who said she danced with Harmon on the Sulfur High School Twisters Dance Team. “She was cheerful, absolutely the best storyteller, and she was very kind to everyone.”

Twister, Jazz and pondance Sulfur High’s team wrote that team members couldn’t Explain their sadness By losing one of their beloved dancers.

“She was the teammate everyone was aiming for,” read a post on the team’s Facebook page. “She supported everyone, worked hard for her neighbors, and was the most real soul. All twisters who had the joy of dancing with her would say the same thing, “No one is like Jesse!”

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