An 81-year-old man trapped in a major California blizzard for a week says he survived by eating snow and croissants from his car.

Jerry Julet was trapped under snow for a week in a Ford Escape before being rescued on March 2nd.

Jerry Julet was trapped under snow for a week in a Ford Escape before being rescued on March 2nd.Inyo County Sheriff’s Office

  • An 81-year-old man was stuck in the snow for a week in his car but survived by eating a croissant that was in the car.

  • Jerry Gelet was en route from California to Nevada when a rare and severe winter storm hit the area.

  • He was found a week later and saved. His brother called his rescue a “miracle”.

An 81-year-old man buried in his car for a week after a major California snowstorm told his brother he survived by eating snow and a croissant in his car.

Jerry Gelet of Big Pine, California left for Gardnerville, Nevada on February 24 — just before the Golden State was covered with a few feet of snow.

A three-hour drive turned into a seven-day ordeal for Julet.

On the morning of February 24th, California Highway Patrol Warns Residents A Facebook post said bad weather was progressing and advised drivers to be careful on the road.

Fox weather forecast Julet told his family that the main highway he normally traveled on, Highway 395, was closed due to snow and ice, so he took the smaller Highway 168 instead. decided to go to Gardnerville.

However, with snow and wind reducing visibility, he accidentally veered onto an even narrower road and got stuck.

Trapped in a dark green Ford Escape, Jure later told his brother that he survived for seven days and six nights before being rescued by eating the snow and croissants that had piled up in his car.

Joe Julet: “I think it was really a miracle” told patch on friday.

Meanwhile, after four days of no communication from Jerry Julet, his family reported him missing to the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office on February 28. the office said.

Another storm hit the following day, Wednesday, March 1, delaying search efforts until Thursday, March 2. The sheriff’s office began a search on the ground while the California Highway Patrol searched from the air.

Around noon that day, the ringing of his cell phone on the day he went missing identified his location. According to the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, rescue teams focused their searches particularly on the area near Death Valley Road, “a rough road that runs south of U.S. 168 and leads into Death Valley National Park.”

Jure’s car looked like a mere rock because the car was buried under the snow.

After searching the area for six hours, the CPS turned back to refuel, but the pilot said, “I looked down and saw what appeared to be rocks. Another man was in the helicopter. …and when they looked down, there it was [my brother’s] car. He was almost buried in snow, but not completely,” Joe Julet told Patch.

“He put his hand out the window and waved it,” said Joe Juret.

Jure’s family including grandchildren nieceshared the news of his rescue on Facebook last week.

“My grandfather was rescued by helicopter today after being trapped in a car in freezing snow for six days and six nights without food, water or a very thin blanket.” Written by Christian JuletHe has been posting throughout the week to raise awareness and ask for prayers.

Julet was immediately taken to the airport, taken to hospital, treated and released the same day.

“He was smiling all the way back to the airport,” Joe Julet told Patch. “He was happy to get out of that situation.”

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