An 87-year-old California woman, a former Los Angeles security officer, was found dead in a freezer, officials say.


A former military sergeant at the Los Angeles County Security Agency was found dead in the freezer on Sunday after police said her family had been unable to contact her for months.

According to police officer Javier Cabrera, the Riverside Police Department was called on Sunday morning to perform a medical examination of an 87-year-old woman at her home in the city, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

According to Cabrera, the family contacted police after months of inactivity about a woman identified by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office as 27-year veteran Miriam Travis.

When the police arrived at her house, they spoke to one of her daughters, 64, who lived in the dwelling. But something went sick, Cabrera said.

“Our executives have noticed many inconsistencies with what she is saying,” he said. “Something didn’t add up.”

Police searched the house and found a stand-up freezer in the garage. Inside, authorities found Travis’s body. Mr. Cabrera said it was unclear how long her body stayed in the freezer and how she died. An autopsy that may provide the cause and method of her death is pending.

He added that the examination would determine what type of fee, if any, would be offered.

The daughter was detained and cross-examined at the Riverside Police Station, but later released. Mr. Cabrera said he was not considered a suspect at this time, but was interested in the case.

“You’ve heard about cases like this, but for my 19 years I haven’t personally seen them,” Cabrera said. “No matter what the situation, it’s tragic.”

Travis’ husband died in 1992, after which he suddenly changed his house key and cut off contact with his family, said relative Oklahoma’s Kelly Nickel.

“One day this was like my grandmother, but she never contacted me again,” Nickel said. Press Enterprise.. She described Travis and her daughter as “a kind of hermit.”

Landscaper Cedric Valentin, 63, who said he knew Travis, said he last saw her alive four months ago, the newspaper reported.

The Riverside Police Department did not officially disclose the woman’s identity, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office confirmed her death and years of service at the police station.

Travis worked in this department from 1963 until his retirement in 1990, playing a variety of roles, including working with boys, supporting administrative research units, and ending his career as a murder unit.

“Our heart is broken by this news and the entire LASD family mourns her loss,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a statement.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: 87-year-old former Los Angeles security officer found dead in freezer