An additional wildfire evacuation order issued in BC for a wildfire


At least 160 properties were ordered to evacuate due to a severe wildfire in southern Okanagan.

The Osoyoos Indian Band ordered the evacuation of more than 100 properties on Monday due to the Inca Nip Creek wildfire on the band’s land about 6 km north of Osoyoos.

In the Okanagan Simirkamen district, flames are moving rapidly north, declaring a state of emergency on Monday night, ordering the evacuation of 60 facilities, and then evacuation alerts to nearly 100 people and the entire town of Oliver. It states that it issued.

The BC Wildfire Service website shows that the flame has already burned an estimated 7 square kilometers and staff are working overnight reporting “aggressive fire behavior.”

Separate fires in the southern inland ordered the Thompson-Nicolas district to evacuate 28 properties near the Westwald community and 7 properties near Lake Heffley on Monday. This is the latest in a series of orders from the district.

There are about 300 fires affecting the districts throughout the state.

A state organization coordinating emergency assistance warns that accommodations available to thousands of wildfire evacuees have reached their limits in the Thompson and Cariboo regions, with some evacuees evacuating south to Chilliwack. Therefore, an order was issued.

Emergency Management BC returns to make space for those facing direct threats to anyone who decides to leave home and go to a larger community due to a smoky situation I advised you to consider that. People leaving home do not necessarily reduce their exposure, as smoke conditions change and move, according to a statement on Sunday.

Environment Canada issued a statement on air quality throughout western Canada on Monday due to smoke from a wildfire between British Columbia and Ontario.

This report by Canadian Press was first published on July 20, 2021.

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