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France cuts growth forecast when national blockade begins

(Bloomberg)-French economy will recover less this year than previously expected, with the recent four-week national blockade aimed at halting the surge in coronavirus cases. France’s finance minister Bruno Le Maire said the country’s 2021 GDP growth forecast was 6%, following a 8.1% reduction last year. According to a Bloomberg survey in March, economists expected the economy to grow by 5.7%. “The closure of educational institutions and 150,000 stores is essential to slow the spread of the virus, but these measures will affect the French economy,” Lemaire told Lemaire. Interview Journal Dudymanche newspaper published on Sunday. “This estimate is honest and cautious.” President Emmanuel Macron tried to avoid a third national blockade to protect the economy, but was forced to announce stricter restrictions nationwide last week. It was. More contagious and deadly variants are accelerating the spread of the virus, and vaccination campaigns have not yet had a significant impact after the slow start, with more than 200,000 new coronaviruses seen. A new blockade came into effect on Saturday night, a week after the infection, with intensive care cases and approximately 5,500 patients. According to Le Mer, government support for businesses affected by the closure will cost around € 11 billion ($ 12.9 billion) in April, including $ 5 billion in solidarity funds. is. In an interview with LCI TV on Sunday, Le Mer raised $ 4 billion in funding, exempted $ 1 billion in social costs, and covered $ 1 billion in fixed costs. Two economies “Today, the French economy is operating at 95%,” he said. “In reality, there are two economies. It is fair and legal to support them because there are so badly suffering ones: cafes, bars, restaurants, tourism, events, sports, culture, theater and movies. And you said that low growth forecasts mean that government debt will rise to about 118% of GDP instead of 115%. François Bilroy de Garhow, a member of the ECB Governor’s Council and Governor of the Bank of France, urged the European Union to urgently implement a joint recovery fund to support countries. Address the impact of Covid-19. LeMaire reiterated in the Le Journal du Dimanche that Europe should not be late. France was expected to receive € 5 billion from a € 750 billion fund in July, which the Finance Minister said is unlikely now (new deficit, debt forecasts, finance ministers from paragraph 6). Add a comment). Visit Subscribe now to get the most trusted business news sources. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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