An anti-gang unit investigating relationships between victims of an Ontario plane crash

British Columbia’s anti-gang forces say they are investigating why international fugitives were on board a plane that crashed in northwestern Ontario and how they relate to other passengers.

Sgt. Brenda Wimpenny, British Columbia Joint Forces Special Executive, said Wednesday police were also looking for connections with British Columbia gangsters when investigating the crash that killed Jean Larkamp. rice field.

Lahrkamp was one of the two Canadian suspects hoping for a murder in Thailand at the death of Jimi Sandhu, who said police had a gangster affiliation in BC when he died.

“We will investigate what he had and what he had to do with other people,” Wimpenny said.

Winpenny commented after Ontario police identified the final of the four victims as Hankun Hong, 27, in Richmond, British Columbia.

Others who died were Duncan Bailey, 37, from Kamloops, British Columbia, and Abinaf Handa, 26, from Richmond, British Columbia.

According to Ontario police, Handa was a pilot and was flying a privately owned aircraft.

The Japan Transport Safety Board is investigating the cause of the crash, which Ontario police said occurred between Friday and Saturday.

The small aircraft departed Dryden, Ontario at 9:09 pm local time and headed for the Ontario Marathon. According to the TSB, the wreckage was found 20 nautical miles southeast of Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

He did not answer questions such as whether there was cargo on board, the weather conditions during the flight, and exactly when it crashed.

The crash occurred about three months after Sandhu’s alleged murder on February 4.

Thai police have charged both Larkamp and Matthew Dupre and sought help in finding and arresting them after they fled to Canada, anti-gang forces said.

The Justice Ministry confirmed that after the murder of Indians at the Beachfront Hotel Phuket, at the request of Thailand, both Larkamp and Dupre had sought a provisional arrest warrant.

“Because of Sandhu’s gang affiliation and history in British Columbia, CFSEU-BC led an investigation into the search for Lahrkamp and Dupre,” the anti-gang unit said in a statement on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Wimpenny declined to share anything more about Sandu, saying she knew nothing about his role in BC’s gangster landscape.

Dupre was arrested in Alberta on February 20, with the support of the local RCMP. According to anti-gang forces, he has been detained waiting for a transfer procedure.

The unit advised international and domestic police partners on the death of Larkamp, ​​it said.

Wimpenny said anti-gang forces were leading the search for Larkamp to ensure the arrest of the surrender. She said it was not based on any accusations imposed in Canada.

She said she could not share any further information about Larkamp or Dupre and did not know the details of the allegations in Thailand.

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