An elderly person with a movement disorder died after falling down an escalator after following his way to a terminal at London Airport

People take easyJet flights at Gatwick Airport

People take easyJet flights at Gatwick AirportGales Fuller / PA Image via Getty Images

  • A handicapped 82-year-old man died after falling on an escalator at Gatwick Airport.

  • An ambulance was called to the airport at 12:50 pm on June 15, but the man died on the scene.

  • Last week, the airport fired after a 95-minute flight that stuck a handicapped passenger.

Airport officials confirmed that an 82-year-old man with mobility problems died after falling on an escalator at Gatwick Airport after getting off easyJet.

The currently unidentified man was waiting for flight assistance from Wilson James Service, the company used by Gatwick Airport to assist passengers with disabilities from the plane.

Gatwick Airport, also known as London Gatwick Airport, is the leading international airport serving the British capital.

Wilson James told insiders that the employees assigned to his flight were helping three people get off the plane, two of whom needed wheelchairs.

He got off the plane with a group of passengers when the 82-year-old kid wasn’t available because this staff was carrying passengers from the plane to the airport.

While traveling the airport with a group of fellow passengers with restricted mobility, the man fell on an escalator, Gatwick Airport and Wilson James told insiders.

A spokesman for Gatwick Airport said, “Staff shortages were not the cause of this incident, as claimed. One staff member took a short distance to a waiting buggy, one at a time. , It is normal to drop off three passengers in need of assistance. ” I told the Guardian.

Sussex police confirmed to insiders that an ambulance service was called to the airport on June 15 at 12:50 pm, where a man died on the scene.

They also added that death was not treated as suspicious.

EasyJet tells insiders: This difficult time. “

In a statement to the insider, a spokesman for Gatwick Airport said, “This is a sad and tragic event, and our thoughts remain in the deceased’s family.

“A formal investigation is currently underway and no further comments are appropriate.”

Wilson James Airport and Gatwick Airport have recently been criticized after 45-year-old wheelchair user Victoria Brignel. I was stuck on a British Airways flight for 95 minutes and couldn’t stand up to help the staff get off the plane.

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