An employee’s unwanted birthday party earned him $ 450,000 after a proceeding against the KY company

A few days before my birthday in August 2019, an employee of a Kentucky-based laboratory asked an office manager not to arrange a birthday celebration.

According to court documents, it was not a fear of aging, but rather an anxiety disorder that could spur “panic attacks in stressful situations.” Employees hired by Gravity Diagnostics in October 2018 did not want to celebrate, as “attention” could cause his disability, the document said.

When the company threw a lunchtime party at him against his wishes, it caused a panic attack and he suddenly left to spend a break in his car. Four days later, court records show that he was fired from a North Kentucky company after his office manager faced him about his reaction to the party.

He finally sued Gravity Diagnostics, and this week the jury inflicted $ 450,000 on the man for his lost wages and mental distress.

Gravity Diagnostics lawyers did not immediately respond to McClatchy News’ request for comment. Gravity diagnosis Based in Covington, Kentucky, it says it will provide “innovative clinical tests” to doctors and patients.

Julie Brazil, founder and chief operating officer of Gravity Diagnostics, claims that it was other employees who were affected. She talked to Link NKY.

“My employees escalate the situation to take the plaintiff out of the building as soon as possible, warning me, and ensuring that he is inaccessible to the building, while preventing the plaintiff from accessing the building. I sent a reminder and I should do it, “Brazil said. Link NKY.. “As an employer who puts employee safety first, we have adopted a zero tolerance policy and support the decision to dismiss plaintiffs who violate the workplace violence policy.

When an employee left the office on August 7th and spent the rest of his birthday lunch in the car, he told the office manager why she “couldn’t meet his request … standard.” Refrain from celebrating a typical birthday. ” The lawyer says.

According to the proceedings, the day after he arrived at work, he was called in to meet with his two bosses, who “faced and criticized” how he reacted to the unwanted birthday party. This caused him to have another panic attack.

He was sent home from work for the next two days and then apologized for having a panic attack. On August 11, he received an email stating, “He was fired because of what happened last week,” the proceedings said.

His lawyer said Gravity Diagnostics “suffered from loss of income and profits, mental distress and anxiety.” The proceedings were filed on the grounds of discrimination against persons with disabilities and retaliation.

The $ 450,000 awarded to him includes $ 120,000 in lost wages and “past, present, and future mental pain and suffering, mental distress, embarrassment, humiliation, humiliation, and loss of self-esteem.” Includes $ 300,000.

His lawyer, Tony Butcher, told his clients that he was pleased to have “the proof he deserves.”

“Few people know how much courage he needed to bring this case to trial,” Butcher said in a statement to McClutch News. “Beyond the monetary award, the jury admitted that it’s okay to assume that he’s not a violent and menacing person and that Gravity Diagnostics has no evidence to support him, so he admitted. I think I was very happy and relieved. Those misunderstandings. “

Brazil has told LinkNKY that Gravity Diagnostics will appeal to the verdict on the basis of “finding a jury trial’s illegal activity that violates the judge’s order.”

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