An evacuated condo in North Miami Beach, considered safe by engineers’ reports, says lawyer

Two days after dozens of residents of North Miami Beach evacuated from their homes at Crestview Tower, engineer inspections determined the building to be safe again, a condo association lawyer said.

Mariel Trinch, a lawyer representing Crestview Towers, said the inspection was conducted on Saturday by an ASD consulting engineer and two city inspectors. According to online state records, ASD consulting engineers were first registered to do business in Florida in 2007.

First reported Local 10Although the engineer’s report has not yet been officially released or shown to the North Miami Beach City Commission, Tollinchi says the condo is considered safe to live in.

Mayor Anthony F. Defilipo said the city at an emergency committee meeting late Saturday Just don’t accept Whatever the Crestview Towers Association engineers reported on the condition of the building.

“The building maintained itself and was responsible for doing this over a decade ago,” De Fillipo said. “Unfortunately, they are in this position, but we are here to help.”

The day before the meeting and inspection, the city ordered the tower to evacuate after receiving a January inspection report from the Condominium Management Companies, which has engineers. The building was considered structurally and electrically unsafe..

The city threatened its connection with the closure to receive reports. Willis Howard, Chief of Staff of Arthur’Duke’Sorey City, said the Crestview Association apparently missed or skipped the 40-year recertification scheduled for 2012.

The city of North Miami Beach will receive a new report on Tuesday after being finalized by engineers, Trinch said.

So far, there is no target date for returning residents to the building. Tollinchi says the first step is the order of the tests — reporting a safe living condition.

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