An explosion at an Afghan mosque kills many witnesses, says the Taliban


Crowds gather at the newly reopened passport office in Kabul

Radio Azadi reported that hundreds of people had gathered at the Kabul passport office in Afghanistan, which opened for the first time since the acquisition of the Taliban on October 6. A Taliban spokesman announced the issuance of identification and passports on October 4. According to Radio Azadi, Alam Guru Haqqani, head of the passport office, said female and male staff in the department would work in isolated offices. The footage was released by the local media organization Asbaka News Agency. They described it as showing a crowd outside the Kabul passport office. Those applying for passports are concerned that “passports with the title of Islamic Emirate will not be accepted worldwide until the government is legalized,” they said. Credit: Asvaka News Agency via Storyful