An explosion was heard in Kursk, Russia


IRYNA BALACHUK — Sunday, July 3, 2022, 09:03

An overnight explosion was heard in the Russian city of Kursk, and the governor reported that the air defense system was working.

sauce: Roman Starovoyt, Governor of Kursk Oblast telegramRussian state news agency RT With reference to local residents

detail: Kursk residents reported hearing the sound of an explosion in the middle of the night. The video is published on social networks and is said to show that the air defense system is operating over the city.

Starovoit reported in the morning: [Russian – ed.] The Air Defense Force allegedly shot down “two Ukrainian Strizh drones” when approaching Kursk.

He also published a photo of the UAV allegedly shot down.

Quote from the Governor of Kursk: “Thanks to the army’s competent actions, there are no casualties. Unfortunately, the situation in Belgorod is different. As a result of enemy attacks, inhabitants are killed, injured, and civilian homes are destroyed. I did. “


Viacheslav Gladkov, Governor of Belgorod Oblast of the Russian Federation, “A series of loud sounds” Three people were killed, four more were injured, and 11 apartments and 39 private homes were partially destroyed all night in Belgorod.