An Indiana man has died after a hand grenade his family found in his grandfather’s belongings exploded in his home, police say.


Brian Niedart, 47, died in a grenade explosion at his home in northwest Indiana, officials said.

Brian Niedart, 47, died in a grenade explosion at his home in northwest Indiana, officials said.Sandra Riedholt/Getty Images

  • An Indiana man was killed in a grenade explosion at his home, officials said.

  • His family found a hand grenade while searching through his grandfather’s belongings.

  • Initial police reports said the device exploded after someone pulled out the pin.

An Indiana father was killed and two children injured when a grenade exploded at his home on Saturday, police said.

Authorities said Brian Niedert, 47, died at his home in the Lakes of the Four Seasons area of ​​northwestern Indiana. CBS.

The newspaper added that two of his children, an 18-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, suffered shrapnel injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital.

According to CBS, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement on Facebook that a family member was searching through his grandfather’s belongings when they found live ammunition and someone pulled out the pin.

but statement We were offline by Sunday evening.

Police later said they were “investigating whether the device was old or could have self-destructed due to other factors, whether the pin was removed, or whether other circumstances were involved.” NBC5 Chicago reported.

Authorities initially said the injured boy was 17, but later corrected the age to 14. According to ABC 7 Chicago.

A bomb squad was dispatched to monitor the scene, and homicide detectives are still investigating, the newspaper said.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment outside of normal business hours.

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