An Oklahoma woman was arrested after commenting on a police “most wanted” Facebook post, officials said.

A woman in Oklahoma was arrested Thursday after commenting on a Facebook post at the police station that she was an accessory to the murder, officials said.

Every week, the Tulsa Police Department posts on Facebook about the “Most Wanted” of the week. Authorities were asking the public for help Find Lorraine Graves after the detective suspects she was involved in the March 13 killing of Eric Graves.

The other two suspects have already been arrested and charged with murder, but Tarsa police now call the Tarsa crime stopper to anyone who does not know Graves’ whereabouts and has information about her whereabouts. I asked.

Less than three hours after the post was posted, Graves commented on the post, “Where’s the reward?”

On Friday, Tulsa police announced on Facebook that Graves had been arrested by an escape warrant unit in northern Tulsa. In the post, authorities shared the comments made by Graves in the original post.

Graves has been charged with murder accessories and her deposit is set at $ 500,000.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: The Tulsa police Facebook post was looking for a suspect. She commented.

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