An old Asian man attacked by two pitbulls in Texas

A 67-year-old Asian man in Harris County, Texas, was seriously injured after being killed by two loose pitbulls during a walk last morning.

What’s wrong: The unidentified victim was walking 4300 blocks on Queen’s Retreat Drive as a pair of Pitbulls crossed the street to attack him. He tried to leave, but soon became helpless.

  • The attack captured in the surveillance video occurred before 6:30 am on August 26th. It occurred in the front yard of Elmer Levine, a former lieutenant of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Minutes after the attack, neighbor Darrell Berryman and another came to help the victim. Berryman had a long stick, but others used crutches to drive away the canines.

  • “I ran up here and saw two pitbulls. The man couldn’t move,” Berryman said. KPRC 2.. “They had his face … I told my granddaughter to call 911.”

  • Shortly thereafter, Levine left home with a pistol. When the dog began to charge him, he shot one of them on his shoulder. “I had to fire. The dog wanted to attack us,” Levine said. KHOU 11..

  • Authorities, paramedics, and the Animal Care Department arrived at the scene minutes later. The lieutenant reportedly shot one of the dogs when he bit the park ranger.

aftermath: Victims with face, neck, upper and lower body injuries received two units of blood (about two pints) at the scene. He was then taken to a hospital where he continued to recover.

  • Zack Dunlap, Critical Care Manager at Cypress Creek EMS, told KPRC2: The loss he had, everything had to go perfectly. “

  • The Pitbull is reportedly alive. They are currently under the control of animal care in a 10-day quarantine, after which their fate is determined.

  • Meanwhile, the dog owner was taken for cross-examination.He said KTRK He had his pet behind the enclosure, but a friend could have accidentally left the gate open, which allowed the pet to escape.

  • As a result of the incident, the owner may face two or three felony charges. FOX 26.. One is for the elderly victims of Asia and the other is for the park ranger who was also bitten.

  • The Harris County Attorney’s Office will soon receive the case. If pursued, the accusation will result in imprisonment.

Featured image via KHOU 11

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