An open coalition for challenging aviation industry vaccine obligations following groundbreaking decisions


Last week, a major decision by the Australian Labor Court to withdraw vaccine obligations from mining giant BHP opened the door for other unions to consider challenging similar orders in their departments. ..

The Australian Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers (ALAEA) said it would consider challenging the mandatory vaccines inherited from the state-owned airline Qantas.

“BHP’s coal decision was not about vaccine obligations, but about consultations. It is not possible to make policy decisions before true consultations. Qantas has made policy decisions at the first council. I was fined. “

“In the case of compulsory vaccination, that’s even worse. I first heard about the decision on live television.”

On December 3, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) Full Bench ruled that BHP’s vaccination obligations for workers at Mount Arthur Hot Spring Coal Mine in Hunter Valley, New South Wales were illegal and unreasonable.

This decision was intended to affect the whole country in terms of vaccine obligations inherited by private companies, not specifically under government-mandated health orders.

FWC members have discovered that BHP did not properly consult with its employees prior to carrying out the missions required under the union’s corporate agreement.

BHP’s health and safety authorities also said that the word “consultation” was not used in the power of attorney email and the word “required” was used by the company. Official announcement..

Giuseppe Carabetta, a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School, said the decision did not mean “a defeat for employers requiring COVID-19 vaccination.”

“Sure, this ruling is not about the overall effectiveness of Arthur Mountain’s vaccine obligations. Instead, it focuses on management’s failure to properly consult with employees under the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Is guessed, “he writes. conversation December 7th.

Vaccine obligations “need to be rational depending on the nature of the work, established practices and industrial equipment,” Carabetta said. And consultation requirements. “

Purvinas, meanwhile, acknowledged that the BHP decision does not apply to most airport workers who meet government obligations, but said that “this does not apply to all airports.”

“If our members were not covered by state missions, we aim to protect their work based on the functional nature of Cantus’ fake counseling,” he said.

ALAEA recognizes that vaccination contributes to the health and safety of the workplace, but opposes workers losing their jobs if they are not vaccinated.

“Unvaccinated employees should be able to take vacation until they are vaccinated or the threat is removed by herd immunity.”

Daniel Y. Ten