Ancient Herbal Supplements Show Promise Against Cancer

The effect of berberine on lung cancer was published in the journal PharmacyHas shown strong anti-cancer activity in studies that transcend the boundaries between oriental and western medicine.

Natural compounds in plants such as turmeric and barberry have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, but are still in the clinic, according to Camaldua, an Australian Indian scientist at the university. Not widely used in. Technology, Sydney.

“All historical and ancient knowledge about medicinal plants, [has been] It has been known to people for a long time, but it has never been translated in the clinic, “Dua, a senior researcher and senior pharmacist instructor, told The Epoch Times.

Modern medicine focuses on illness, and while medical students have been studying the sick body and the illness itself at school for many years, traditional and ancient medical practice is predominantly using food as medicine. It is one of the pillars.

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We all have varying degrees of both negative (cold / water) and positive (heat / fire) energies. (Norikko / Shutterstock)

From all the Ayurvedic medicines and indigenous medicinal plants he examined, he found that the plant compound berberine was the most amazing and had an impressive effect on lung cancer.

Researchers Belberin across Ireland (Ronan MacLoughlin), Australia (Professor Brian Oliver, Professor Phil Hansbro, Keshav Raj Paudel, Bikash Manandhar), Saudi Arabia (Abdullah Alnuqaydan and Abdulmajeed Almutary), India (Professor Sachin Kumar Singh and Monica Gulati) It stopped the growth of tumor cells in lung cancer, one of the world’s leading causes of lung cancer, and found that about 1.8 million deaths were reported each year.

“This is made possible by the inhibition of important genes and proteins involved in the growth and migration of cancer cells,” he explained.

Ann Previous research He also discovered that berberine can also reduce the inflammation and damage to healthy lung cells caused by cigarette smoke.

How to take berberine

Berberine is found in a variety of plants, including Goldenseal, Gold Thread, Oregon Grape, Ferrodendron, and Coptis chinensis, a type of gold thread flowering plant native to China.

It can be taken as instructed package Alternatively, you can discuss your options with a trusted health care professional and monitor their effectiveness over the long term.

Dua states that the benefits of supplements are limited by their lack of ability to dissolve in water and be absorbed by the intestines, and toxicity at high doses. Digestive side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, flatulence and abdominal pain have been reported.

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Berberine is supplied by liquid crystal nanoparticles. (Adobe Stock)

To overcome these challenges, the research team has developed a new method of safely and effectively encapsulating small amounts of berberine inside using liquid crystal nanoparticles.

“This means patients don’t have to take multiple doses, and they have fewer side effects compared to various other chemical-based medicines,” he said.

Dr. Ositaonga, a thoracic surgeon and assistant professor of thoracic surgery at the St. John’s Cancer Institute at the Providence St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, said: Today’s medical news When researchers find new options for cancer treatment and prevention from the east, it looks promising.

“Berberine is part of oriental medicine, so it’s not traditionally used in western medicine. We’re looking at things, so I think it’s interesting and intriguing. [we] I know there are some benefits to oriental medicine, [and are putting them] In research to help translate it into Western medicine, “Onugha said.

“It’s always promising, but it’s in the lab, and much of what we find in the lab doesn’t necessarily lead to the treatment of patients,” continued Onugha.

“The next step in this discovery is to move to preclinical and subsequent clinical trials to explore the true therapeutic potential to reach the clinic.”

The future of berberine

Dua is currently working closely with a Sydney-based company to carry out further research and bring these nanoparticles to the bedside.

The success will lead the team to consider that even Alzheimer’s disease is being used for other illnesses, Dua said.

“We are currently testing the same for other respiratory disorders such as asthma and pulmonary fibrosis, because inflammation is a common condition in all disorders,” he said.

“Inflammation occurs in all illnesses, whether in the brain, intestines, or lungs. Berberine clearly shows that it reduces inflammation. When it reduces inflammation, others It may also work with a variety of medical conditions, neurodegenerative disorders, and possibly other gastrointestinal disorders. “

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