Andrew Cuomo was stripped of Emmy Awards after resigning from sexual harassment allegations


The organization behind the International Emmy Awards withdrew the Emmy Awards from former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday.

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has announced that it will cancel his special 2020 International Emmy Awards in light of the report of the Attorney General of New York and the subsequent resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The statement added that Cuomo’s “reference to his name and award will be removed from the materials of the International Academy in the future.”

Cuomo initially won an Emmy Award in the fall of 2020 for his performance at a press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic situation in New York.

The Academy said at the time that Cuomo would be awarded the “Covid-19 Pandemic Leadership and Skillful Use of Television to Inform and Calm People Around the World.” According to the statement.. “The Governor’s 111-day daily briefing worked very well because he effectively created a television show that included characters, plots, and stories of success and failure.”

Cuomo resigned on Monday after New York Attorney General Letitia James released a report detailing allegations that the former governor had sexually harassed 11 women. Criminal accusation.. Cuomo denied harassment of women, apology For commenting that “it was misunderstood as an unwanted affair.”

James too The investigation has started To claim that Cuomo used state resources to complete his memoirs in the first few months of the pandemic.According to, some of Cuomo’s aides may have worked on this book. Multiple reports..

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