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Gallup: Democrats outperform Republicans by 9 percentage points, thanks to Independence

“I think what we have to do as a party is to fight damage to the Democratic brand,” said Jamie Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, in The Daily Beast’s latest New Abnormal Podcast. “. Gallup reported on Wednesday that the Democratic brand is doing pretty well, at least relatively speaking. According to Gallup, in the first quarter of 2021, 49% of U.S. adults were identified as Democratic or independent and Democratic, compared to 40% of Republican and GOP leaders. did. “The 9 percent point democratic advantage is the largest measured by Gallup since the fourth quarter of 2012. In recent years, the democratic advantage has usually been 4-6 percentage points.” New Gallup polls According to a survey, in the first quarter of 2021, an average of 49 percent of Americans were in favor of / devoted to Democracy, compared to 40 percent of Republicans. This is the biggest gap since 2012. As Republicans, 25% and 11% were independent people with no partisan tendency. The increase in the number of independents from 38% in the previous quarter to 44% correlates with the decline in Republican discernment, as in 2013, when it became less popular at affordable prices during the government’s closure. “Care method,” says Gallup. Democratic affiliation has remained at around 30 percent for most of the last eight years. The party identification polled in all Gallup surveys is “to track to understand the relevant strengths of the two parties at a given point in time, and how their preferences correspond to the event. Is what we think is important. ” Geoff Johns told USA Today. The Republicans have recovered from the 2013 deficit and “want to make a profit in the 2014 midterm elections and recreate that feat in 2022,” Gallup said. “As in 2014, their hopes may depend primarily on the popularity level of the incumbent Democratic president.” Gallup currently has a 54% approval rate for President Biden. More Stories from 5’s Bitterly Funny Cartoons on MLB vs. GOPMatt Gates and Backbencher Tyranny John Bener: Trump’s “Bulls —” at the expense of the Republican Senate, “in mob violence connected”