Andrew Lloyd Webber wants to face arrest to fully reopen the theater

Andrew Lloyd Webber, a well-known British composer and music drama performer, will be arrested for a full reopening of the theater later this month, with or without government consent. He said he was willing to do that.

June 21st is the final day of the four-step roadmap for unlocking the government. All legal restrictions to curb the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus will be lifted, but the government does not rule out the possibility of postponing the so-called “Free Day.”

Resuming the England Roadmap
British lockdown mitigation. (PA graphics)

In an interview with Telegraph The composer of “The Phantom of the Opera”, announced on Tuesday, said he would reopen his theater “whether to fall into hell or fill up.”

Asked what would happen if the government decided to keep the restrictions longer, Lloyd Webber replied, “Come to the theater and arrest us.”

A preview of Lloyd Webber’s new musical “Cinderella” will begin in London on June 25, three weeks before its planned world debut.

The Telegraph said social distance measures would need to be lifted to bring £ 6 million ($ 8.5 million) to break-even.

London theaters have been severely hit by restrictions during the CCP virus pandemic, and actors and musicians have to do unskilled jobs.

Lloyd Webber reportedly returned his London home after spending £ 1m ($ 1.4m) a month to keep the six theaters running.

London Palladium Theater
A dateless photo showing the London Palladium in central London. (Johnny Green / Pennsylvania)

Last year, Lloyd Webber spent £ 100,000 ($ 141,000) on a pilot project at his Palladium Theater in July featuring a socially distant performance with other safety measures. In September, he told Congress that pilots were infeasible to run the venue at 30% of their capacity, and the live performance department was kneeling and “irreparable.”

Lloyd Webber told The Telegraph that he saw numbers indicating that the theater was safe.

“I’ve seen science from testing. Why don’t you ask me. They all prove that the theater is completely safe and the virus isn’t carried there. “He said.

“If the government ignores their own science, we will be the mother of all proceedings against them. If’Cinderella’cannot be opened, we say:

Industry leaders also hinted that other companies had invested in the work for his decision.

“I jumped over the gun and all the bigger shows followed. I just hope it’s right. I thought it was a well-informed decision about what the government knew it wanted. I did it, “he said.

Lloyd Webber said on Thursday’s BBC Radio 4 “Today” show that Culture Secretary Oliver Daudon thought he “fought for the theater and did a very good job,” but now he is “passionate.” I’m making a plea.

“We can safely open our business. We piloted it at the London Palladium a year ago and showed how we could implement all these measures and take further steps,” he said. He added that he was not particularly in favor of the so-called “vaccine”. “Passport” and he will accept the reopening with the necessary inspections.

Under current government guidelines, bars and restaurants have social distances and theater and cinema spectators are also restricted.

In Sky News, community secretary Robert Jenrick told the composer that he “fully sympathized.”

“We want to make them public. We are piloting. We want to make these theaters public so that we can perform great new releases like’Cinderella’.” Jenrik said.

“I know people desperately want to go to them. Tickets for all those works are selling fast because people have been away for so long.”

“There are only a few days left,” Jenrik said before the prime minister made a decision.

When asked if Lloyd Webber should be arrested if he opened the theater despite restrictions, Jenrik said, “We all have to obey the rules.”

PA and Reuters contributed to this report.

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