Andrew Yang has offended LGBTQ political groups with “Michael Scott’s level of wrinkles and insensitivity,” the report said.

Andrew Yang

In this March 11, 2021 file photo, Democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is holding a press conference in the Dumbo district of New York. Associated Press Photo / MarkLennihan, File

  • According to a New York Times report, Andrew Yang’s hopeful pitch to the LGBTQ political club of the New York Times mayor was disastrously wrong.

  • Yang grated the members with a gribble reference that gay bars and gay people were “secret weapons.”

  • A member of the club described his pitch as having “Michael Scott’s level clinge”.

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New York City Mayor Andrew Yang embarrassed members of the city’s prominent LGBTQ + political club with a “Michael Scott-level clinge” while trying to win support. The New York Times reported Thursday.

Some of New York City’s Stonewall Democrats relayed to the Times and posted on Twitter. Yang called the gay community “very beautiful and human” and “secret weapon” and offended the group with his constant mention of gay bars. And the club.

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“I really love you and your community,” said Yang, according to some records of the event. Obtained by Times.. “You are very human and beautiful. You make New York City special. I don’t know how to lose to the Republicans given that they play a frankly leadership role throughout the Democratic Party. . “

“He kept calling us’your community’like aliens,” one member, filmmaker Harris Dolan, told the Times.

“At Stonewall’s support conference, Andrew Yang is an inexperienced, uninformed joke that his campaign manager is gay many times and names one gay bar many times. I kept telling us, “Doran Posted on Twitter on Wednesday night.. “If you are thinking of voting for him, I ask you, God help us, don’t.”

“When you see the candidates coming only with Michael Scott’s level of wrinkles and insensitivity, you can see that Andrew Yang is holding his head or not listening to the staff,” said Stonewall Club. Member Alejandr Caravaro said. Told the Times.. “Both of these are radioactive flashing signs that he isn’t ready to become Mayor of New York.”

The mayor’s Democratic primary, the first ranked mayoral election in New York City’s history, will take place on June 22nd.

Yang was the first choice for 22% of Democratic primary voters In a recent Spectrum NY1 / Ipsos pollThis is followed by Brooklyn President Eric Adams at 13%, New York City Auditor Scott Stringer at 11%, and former Citigroup at 6% Ray McGuire.

The Stonewall Club chose to favor Stringer as the first option, non-profit executive Dianne Morales as the second option, and McGuire as the third option.

Club President Rose Christ, Told the Times Yang’s tone is “obsolete,” and the focus on gay bars and parades is “not a real problem that our members care about, it didn’t work.”

Sashaneha Ahuja, one of Yang’s campaign managers who identifies herself in LGBTQ, Told the Times: “I hope Andrew will continue to have space for people to open up and listen to the experiences of all the communities deeply influenced by years of oppression. If people feel any way about it. We apologize for the inconvenience. “

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