Android 11’s permission reset function will be decentralized to the older generation version


Google Android 11

Google Android 11

When Google launched Android 11, it added the function of automatically resetting app permissions, canceling the permissions of some apps that have been idle for a period of time, so as not to continue to collect personal information in secret.Google is also very fond of such a useful functionAnnounceThe version of the system that will be decentralized to the old generation, to be precise, from the Android 6 Marshmallow in 2015 to the most recent version has been awakened to get new features.

The system version spans as many as five generations, and Google said that the number of devices that can benefit is “billions.” However, according to Google, only Android 11 and later system versions will enable this automatic permission reset function by default, and the old version needs to be selected manually. In any case, this is a practical data protection setting for a group of friends who will often download different apps to try them out and then idle.