Android 12 adds the digital car key function

Google x BMW


Following Apple’s launch of CarKey for the iPhone last year, Google also officially announced at today’s I/O conference that Android 12 will add a digital car key function that allows users to lock, unlock, and start the car. According to the official introduction, this function will also use UWB over-bandwidth technology, which means that a mobile phone with a built-in UWB chip can control the car lock without having to pull it out. If UWB is not supported, the vehicle can also be unlocked through NFC sensing. In addition, users can share the virtual car key with their relatives and friends when necessary.

Google claims that the digital car key will be available on “some” Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones later this year. Samsung now has machines with UWB technology. Google does not yet. Maybe it is referring to the next Pixel 6. Of course, in addition to mobile phone manufacturers, car manufacturers also have to provide support for digital car key technology. The first partner Google mentioned was actually BMW like Apple at the time, but it also stated that it was already cooperating with other brands.

In addition to digital car keys, Google today also announced that the Fast Pair Bluetooth fast pairing function will be available in BMW and Ford cars.

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